Essay Sample on Boeing and Environmental Scanning Strategy

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The ability of any given company to have a competitive advantage over its fellow rivals is an important aspect in the field of business. Competitive advantage means that a given institution is a step ahead as compared to other similar service providers thus has a more significant influence in the market. Boeing is one such company that has been on the forefront in the attempt to create value and sustain competitive advantage over other airlines by employing environmental scanning strategies in its operations.

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Boeing released their 2018 environmental report themed "build something cleaner" in which the company clearly depicted how they have managed to conserve the environment in various sectors while still remaining as a key airline service provider to its clients. According to Boeing's vice president Ursula English, she pointed out that the company was dedicated to creating products and services that not only add value to the company but also gives them a competitive advantage with the environment's wellbeing put into consideration.

Using environmental scanning technology, Boeing has managed to come up with new technologies that have helped the company advance their commitment towards investing in cleaner technologies such as the use of biofuels, hybrid-electric propulsion new chemical alternatives that are more environmentally friendly among other new technologies that are constantly being tested for their effectiveness using the eco-Demonstrator program.

In the environmental scanning probe that Boeing has paid much significant attention towards, among some of the top priorities that the company has enumerated include, checking the carbon dioxide emissions from their products. To combat toxic emissions, the company has looked into alternative energy sources such as biofuels. Greenhouse gas emissions are among another concern for Boeing. With the above-enumerated steps and measures that Boeing has undertaken, then we can clearly depict that the environmental conservation measures will definitely give the airline manufacturing company a competitive advantage over their rivals given that their environmentally friendly products and services will be preferred more by clients.

Evaluate Boeing External Environment

Boeing's external environment is a large community of other stakeholders outside the company but who's their input is of vital significance to the company. The customers i.e. the clients are the most integral part of the company's external environment. The company is dedicated to maintaining a proper working environment with their clients by ensuring that the services provided are not only satisfactory but up to the standards. With the ever-increasing competition in the field of airline manufacturing and servicing, it is necessary to ensure that the services provided meet the customer's requirements to ensure a proper and healthy business interaction between the parties involved.

Apart from the customers, Boeing external environment is also made up of external ties with other businesses such as the suppliers to the company who provide the raw materials utilized in the manufacturing company. As elucidated by the company's management, the external environment at Boeing with their associates and clients is of paramount importance as it directly influences the business expeditions taken up by the company.

Assess Boeing General Environment

Boeing is the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the world has a lot of expectations that clients and partners expect them to meet and this comes at a cost. The managerial team is always working round the clock to ensure that there is a continuous supply of quality services and that the company maintains its reputation out there. From this analysis, it is possible for one to conclude that the internal environment at Boeing could, therefore, be defined as competitively oriented whereby every individual is expected to deliver on their end thereby leading to a work-minded mentality.

On the other hand, the external environment is dependent on a number of several external factors that all in all lead to the shaping of the company's name out here. With the fruitful business interactions that Boeing has had with other institutions that they work with, we can also infer that these exchanges are fruitful and have also contributed to the company's overall success.

Evaluate Boeing Industry Operating Environment

Boeing operates in a relatively fair environment where they face average competition from similar service providers. The aircraft and parts manufacturing sector require a heavy capital investment and therefore not may aspiring individuals or even companies are able to venture into the business. However, with the minimal competition presented in the field, this charges Boeing with the responsibility to ensure that quality is met and adhered to at all times. This consequently leads to a cautious operating environment where the company has to make sure that the products, they deliver to the market are of high standard and that they meet the user's satisfaction. Such an operating environment requires a dedicated team that remains focused and Boeing has exactly this. To maintain the team spirit and a cohesive working environment, Boeing occasionally takes their employees on vacation among other benefits that ensure employee satisfaction is met thus maintaining a good working relationship and environment.

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