Essay Sample on Amish People: Core Attractions to USA Tourism & TV Reality Shows

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The people of Amish possess the various or complex type of relationship between them and other natives of the American land. In most cases, in the United States of America, these people act as core attractions and thus improve the country's performance in the tourism industry. Besides, due to their impressive history background and their ways of life, they have become a population of interest even to the TV presenters. Currently, there are more than one reality TV shows available to watch. They also frequently appear in most of the American films, not to mention their quality in the characterization of diversifies genres belonging to the romance levels (Kraybill et al., 2013).

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Thesis Statement

A lot of research has been completed for "The Amish" people with most researchers, although their main aim has recently not been targeting the determination of the Amish people's background and history. Steven Nolt did extensive research on these. He presented a comprehensive coverage of the history of the people, beginning from their fundamental ways of life and how they have progressively adopted their current culture or ways of life. This vital aim of this study is to adequately understand the history of the Amish and how they have linked up with other Americans from the 17th century to the 19th century.

The author stipulates that despite the familiarity of the Amish people, most researchers and even the Americans have found it hard to interpret their ways of life and thus end up misunderstanding them. The central reason for this is because their lives alter frequently and on most occasions. It is hence difficult to predict their future, using their present way of living. The changes have been propagated by the effects of the constant variations in the field of technology. So as they try to adapt to the modern technological advancements motivated by the daily innovations and inventions in various sectors in the economy, their ways of life change, making them too complicated even for other scholars to effectively capture their history. Steven Nolt affirms this in his report findings. The hypocritical nature of employing the use of the modern world behind the scenes, but displaying a different ancient life to the public, is also a reason for the common misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Nolt also states that even in this state of complexity and diversity in their lives, the Amish still has an exemplary inter-relationship with the Americans, which often misunderstand them. This is proved by Nolt, who considers some of the commonly mistaken sayings as myths. Some of the myths include:

  • That the Amish do not create meaningful interactions with the Americans since they are isolated colonies.
  • The Amish can be compared to the Luddites, who do not understand what technology is and even tends to reject them.
  • The Amish do not apply the use of modern medicine for their treatment but instead have outstanding generic abnormalities resulting due to the inbreeding.
  • All of the mish people do farming and only believe in the blacksmiths, as they rarely attend stores to buy products.

Furthermore, the author explains that the people are increasingly growing in large number as the findings state that, currently an average number present I each if their families range from 7-10 children, a figure which is above any other household present in the USA. The reason for this is because, in the 21st century, most of their children decide to orient in the same way of life as their parents are the surrounding, a fact which is much motivated by the baptism activity, as explained in chapter 2. This was not the case initially during the previous centuries.

The history of Amish people began when they were initially with the Mennonites, until the end of the 17th century (1736-1770) (MillerFellows et al., 2018). At the end of the 17th century and early 18th century (1815-1860), they decided to consolidate themselves together in the lands of Ohio, Ontario, and Pennsylvania. They started adapting to the new life with the bordering societies of the USA, as they also strived hard to realize their actual culture by implementing the use of modern and advancing technology. The independent schools are also being continually being improved with time to level up with other neighboring societies. The Amish people are also currently migrating from the primary economic activity of farming to invest in business activities by venturing into small businesses and trades.

Based on technology, the Amish people do not believe that to use technology is to be evil. However, as earlier indicated by Nolt that most of them are hypocrites and perform most of their activities privately, yes they do. Some of the population members who happen to know usually involve in making some modern tools such as a battery, electric lights, and modern farming equipment for their use and also telephones which operate landline. These realizations have also been made possible due to the existing education systems with the Amish. As they claim in public to have an inadequate system of education that only takes 8years of training, a lot of training involving practical work is involved; thus, their children become so innovative, creative and faster learners to borrow the ideas of technology and appropriately use them to improve the group.

Finally, Nolt finalizes the report by examining the close relationships which exist between the Amish people and the environmental society in which they typically reside in. The author also explains that most of the Amish wish to eliminate the lousy picture that other neighboring organizations perceive them to have, by partnering with them in trades and small businesses. These commitments are aimed mainly to reject the emphases made on individualization, self-fulfillments, segmentation of relationships, and also specialized institutions.


In conclusion, Amish people have changed their ways of life since the 17th century as they try to adapt to the new technologies and other cultures for their bordering societies. Typically, some of the principles which are used to categorize the modernity for the Amish have also advanced the production of various materials, which has elevated the living standards of most people outrageously (MillerFellows et al., 2018). The Amish people have also adopted Christianity with time, and bishops have been ordained to lead the services such as baptism and church masses. Their belief in God, have also contributed towards the tremendous increase in their population and also yielding more fertile minds by following strictly at the rules as speculated in the cultures. This is summarized by the term Gelassenheit which means generating to the rest.


Kraybill, D. B., Johnson-Weiner, K. M., & Nolt, S. M. (2013). The Amish. JHU Press.

Miller-Fellows, S., Adams, J., Korbin, J., & Greksa, L. (2018). Creating Culturally Competent and Responsive Mental Health Services: A Case Study Among the Amish Population of Geauga County, Ohio. The Journal Of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 45(4), 627-639. doi: 10.1007/s11414-018-9612-0

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