Essay Sample on American Sociology Issues

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Date:  2021-06-25

John L. Lewis on Labors Great Upheaval

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The most significant changes and development in the labor industry happened in the mid-1930s. During this period, millions of workers were mobilized to work in the production industries that had been successfully set up. It is not by chance that the development of the labor industry took place after the Renaissance period. The industrial revolution set a need gap in the labor industry as they needed people to work. The name given to this era was Labors Great Upheaval. Before this period, the federal government and democracy had no such provisions for labor as it was categorized under slave trade. However, with various industries in place and no one to work in them, the federal government now seemed to side with labor and the first ever Act for the same was made in 1935; it was known as the Wagner Act of 1935.

It was through this Act that workers were recognized and granted the right to form unions. Later in that year, the labor leaders were dissatisfied with the terms of American Federation of Labor. They formed another parallel union to protest against this one. The new union purposed to unite all workers and improve the American economy for the workers. At this time, the most dominant industry in the United States was the steel industry, and John L. Lewis was at that time the leader of the United Mine Workers. Lewis had a vision for the labor industry, and he explained that the primary role of any labor union should be to secure economic freedom and promote industrial development. The core reason behind this aim, he said, was to grant the American workers a fair share of the wealth that they worked hard to produce. By the year 1937, the most important industry in the country, steel, had agreed to recognize the new union.

Henry Steel Commager, Who Is Loyal to America?

American superiority and loyalty date way back. In 1947, the primary concern of the Congress was increasing the defense of Americanism. Hardly did a day pass before the commitment terms were reconstructed and outlined a fresh. As a result, there emerged new patterns of American loyalty, each new one more refined that the preceding ones. The more the Congress and American population refined these trends, the more they drifted farther away from the traditional ones. The new loyalty of America is no longer a tradition but a blind acceptance of America as it is; the good and the bad alike. The new loyalty does not question the reason or basis behind an action but instead seeks to make the typical American follow.

Although one can argue that all people are the same before the law and none is more deserving than the other, it is hard to deny that there is a belief system that gratifies and appraises the American people. Believers of religion will do ahead and preach equality and that everyone was born in the image of God but still, the Americans continue dominating the charts in literally everything. Being born an American is more of a privilege than a chance. In fact, if people could choose their nationality by birth, most would have opted to be born in America. Many are the times we have seen people from other nations striving to earn the citizenship of the United States, but the opposite is unlikely.

Even more evident, in Trumps administration, whose main campaign slogan was Making America Great Again had one or two clauses concerning the immigrants living in America and this revoked a global reaction. Does this mean that Americans are cut from a better cloth, or breathe better air? Why is being an American treated with so much pride almost as if it is an achievement?

Martin Luther King, Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King was famously known for protesting and reducing the racial discrimination in America. King first achieved recognition at a national level during his leadership of Montgomery Bus Boycott, something that saw him jailed for violation of a court order that had banned him from going on with the strike. King was not one to give up easily, and he was very determined to stay on his course of putting an end to racism. While in prison, he composed a very eloquent and informed statement concerning his stand on racial discrimination. The letter from Birmingham jail was addressed to the local clergymen, and it was a reply to their criticism of his previous works.

Luther King started by explaining that rarely does he respond to criticism since, in doing so, he would barely have time for any other thing. However, the criticism of the clergymen referring to his works as unwise and untimely is not something he was willing to let it pass without raising some concerns of his own. In his letter, he insisted that he was not going to give up his course because the clergy failed to see its worth. He expressed his bitterness towards the way the black people were treated and that the demonstrations were not something he was regretful of. Racial profiling and discrimination were the order of the day as it was legal. The America that is home to people from all walks of life and different races was founded on racism. There was a white, middle-class culture that dominated the United States of America. It was not until the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that rewrote history and made America to the land that is today. Obviously, all that is gone now and America is a free world and the land of opportunities for every person inhabiting it. America is now a reformed society that is more tolerant of diverse cultures and different integrated races in its population.

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