Essay Sample on Active Listening: Key to Successful Managerial Communication

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Date:  2023-03-02


Active listening entails the recipient of the information paying attention to the gestures and body language to interpret the information appropriately. Listening is vital when it comes to managerial communication. Effective listening requires a great deal of effort because both physical and psychological factors work against it. Active listening harbors significant benefits that it makes on reliable makes correct passage of information. Further, it helps build the relationship among individuals. The techniques of active listening include:

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Identify Main and Supporting Points

The main point should be different from the supporting points. In the conference with multiple people, there should be a clean-cut between the main points and the supporting points. To be able to achieve this, one can raise the voice when talking about the main points, which make them sound different from the supporting points. The use of nonverbal cues is also essential to bring about the emphasis on the main point (Vowels, 2004).

Organize the Message

Organization of the message is essential to ensure that the multiple people follow the conversation to the latter. The person calling out as either my first point or my second point and so on can implement this technique. Such a strategy gives the idea of the flow of the message that is appreciated by the nodding of the head from the different clients (Manallack, 2003).

Summarize the Message

Summary of the message harmonizes the message in a short form. It takes into account the vital part of the conversation. Implementation of the summary can be achieved by making simple sentences that are short and clear to present the intended message.

Visualize the Message

According to Vowels (2004), visualizing the message entails having the pictorial representation of the message passed across to the client so that they may be able to develop the mental image of the conversation.

Personalizethe Message

The implementation of this technique is done by directing the question to every client, specifically to as well contribute to the conversation. It harbors the advantage of ensuring full participation and listening skills (Manallack, 2003).

Take Notes

Encouraging the client to take notes to help them personalize the message as well, as organize the work. It makes them summarize whatever has been transpired in the conversation and bring it into meaningful use.


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