Essay on Strategic Communication: Exploring Fenton and Career Opportunities

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Date:  2023-03-02


Strategic communication is a concept used to describe processes that involve advertising, management communication, and public relations. The concept is vital to the success of any business. Key industry players offer career opportunities for individuals who are skilled in strategic communication. The key industry player discussed in this paper is Fenton. A discussion of the company's mission, history, services, clients, and its projects are provided. Also, the paper discusses the career opportunities available in the company and ways to maximize opportunities for the job. Strategic communication is important for businesses and individuals because it helps in maintaining connections and develop skills necessary to make a business successful and make individuals find careers.

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Fenton Company Profile

Fenton Agency is a public relations company that advocates for social change. The agency was founded by David Fenton in 1982 with its headquarters in Washington D.C (Fenton, n.d). The company aims to make the world a better place every day (Fenton, n.d). Experts at the company are strategists who are passionate about social change (Fenton, n.d). The experts hold campaigns that have shaped areas such as healthcare policies, race and gender equity, economic opportunities, and climate change solutions (Fenton, n.d). The company's mission is to make the world safer and just (Fenton, n.d). back in 1982, David Fenton decided to form Fenton firm because of the injustices he witnessed in society (Fenton, n.d). Fenton knew that strategic experts would help to change the world (Fenton, n.d). The key services, which Fenton agency provides are advertising, events marketing, public relations, digital media, and mobile advertising (Fenton, n.d). Fenton agency works with clients who share their aim, which is to make the world sustainable (Fenton, n.d). The company has partnered with clients who are involved in environmental sustainability such as National Geographic, The Sierra Club, and Riverkeeper. Additionally, Fenton has partnered with clients who deal with major foundations such as global health, racial injustices, and youth. Some of the clients include Skillman Foundation, Ford Foundation, New York Foundation, and the California Wellness Foundation. Besides, Fenton's clients who focus on public health human rights, as well as children and families include the American Academy of Pediatrics, USAID, WHO, and Global fund. Moreover, Fenton's clients who focus on progressive advocacy include ShowUp 2018, Civic Ventures,, and Liberty Hill Foundation.

One of the well-known projects of Fenton Agency was "Improving lives of children and families in New Mexico and Michigan" program. Fenton (n.d) indicated that it has partnered with the W.K Kellogg Foundation to improve the lives of vulnerable children in New Mexico and Michigan. Their goal in the project was to make non-profit organizations become effective advocates for families and children, offer communication strategies to the New Mexico Center for Law and Poverty with strategies to file an education lawsuit, and provide communication support to Battle Creek Public Schools to ensure children receive quality education (Fenton, n.d). The project involved communications training and coaching to make non-profit organizations be effective advocates on behalf of children and families.

Fenton Career Section

The career profile of the Fenton agency has a job opportunity for a senior account executive. I took interest in the job because I would manage to put my strategic communications skills and creativity into action. Besides, the job would offer a vast array of opportunities to work with various clients to help them achieve their objectives.

The agency has included responsibilities required for the senior account executive. Fenton (n.d) indicated that responsibilities such as developing and executing tactics of public relations, develop client strategy, manage client's accounts, contribute to media relations, and develop media outreach strategies. Other responsibilities for the position are providing weekly status reports to clients and contribute to writing proposals and strategy memos (Fenton, n.d).

The agency outlined the qualifications for the senior account executive. Fenton (n.d) asserted that some of the qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in public relations, political science, or communications, 5-7 years of experience in communications, public relations, and media relations, and knowledge on public relations strategies. Other qualifications include knowledge on billing processes, ability to multitask, strong computer skills, and extensive knowledge on Fenton's issue areas.

Ways to Maximize Opportunity for the Senior Account Executive Position

One way that I can maximize my chances of getting the position of a senior account executive is to get a degree in political science. It is believable that a Bachelor's Degree in political science combined with my Degree in communications will make me more knowledgeable about world issues. Another way to maximize my chance for the job is to look for volunteer opportunities at Fenton firm to get the requires experience.


Strategic communication is important for businesses and individuals because it helps in maintaining connections as well as develop skills necessary to make a business successful and make individuals find careers. Fenton firm has built its brand identity and reputation in society. Overall, Businesses need to employ strategic communication in their activities because it is an indicator of the future of the business.


Fenton. (n.d). Retrieved from

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