Essay on Project Management: Leading & Controlling Staff & Financing

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Date:  2023-01-29

One of the most important skills in the managing of a project is the control and leadership of the staff and the financing. Control enables one to be able to decide how the project is run to ensure both timely and efficient completion of the project to meet the goals for which it was started. Leading ensures that the different aspects of the projects work in tandem with one another to ensure that the project is successful. In the project that I will be conducting, I will be organizing a fundraiser to support my child's school sport's team to purchase uniforms. In order for the project to proceed, I have to prepare a proposal on how I will manage the project and submit the proposal to the school's board.

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The local fire station has offered its picnic grounds for free to us. As a resul there will be no expenses for the ground to hold the fundraiser. To prepare the grounds for the fundrais,er I will first seek permission from the school to use their tables and chairs in the fundraiser. I will then assign three of the fifteen volunteers the task of taking chairs and tables from the classrooms in the school to the grounds. Another three volunteers will be responsible for arranging the seats. To ensure that this is done properly, I will personally supervise the work of the six. During the course of the fundraiser, several businesses will bring their donations ithe n form of goods and services. The remaining four volunteers will be responsible for accepting and taking inventory of the donated goods in the event. They will also go online and look for the approximate costs for the goods that have been donated. This will help us when we sell the goods in the fundraiser to raise the required funds.

When the fundraiser starts, it is vital that we inform people that have come the reason for the fundraiser. This will show them the importance of their donations and even further appeal to other people to join in the cause. During the fundraiser, it is integral that I organize the staff to ensure that they work properly and efficiently to achieve the goals of the fundraiser. First, there will be some snacks that would be priced higher than normal to contribute to the fundraiser. I will have three of the fundraisers to serve the snacks and collect the money from the people that came to the fundraiser. The second important step is to ensure that we sell the goods that were donated to us by the local businesses. This is because the fundraiser was to raise money and the goods are of no use to the school sports team. In order to ensure that the people in the fundraiser contribute more, I will have the sports team sing a song to them to try and convince them. After selling the goods, we will then have an open donation to all the people that are in the fundraiser. This will comprise of three the volunteers moving around the crowd of people to take their direct donations. After the collection of the money, we will then have a tally of the collected cash and announce to the crowd whether we hit the target or not. If the target has been surpassed, the excess finances will be used to buy further kits for the school sports teams.

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