Essay on Performance Management: Achieving Organization & Employee Goals Efficiently

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Date:  2023-10-28

Performance management is meant with the aim of making sure that the activities, as well as outputs, will meet the organization’s goals following an efficient manner as well as an effective way. It can focus on organizations as well as department and employee’s performance. The managers use performance management intending to align the companies’ goals partaking the goals of the teams as well as employees aiming at increasing the efficiency, as well as productivity and profitability.

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In most companies such as Apple, performance management is ignored since they are made of individual departments. It is crucial to ensure that despite the formation structure of the company, performance management is essential. In Apple’s Company case, the whole company is supposed to make performance management (Cappelli, & Tavis, 2016). There are multiple reasons, for example, why the Apple Company should have performance management made by the company instead of the individuals themselves.

The benefits will include; the management control will be improved. To begin with, the strategic goals scenario of planning is simplified. Once the company gives out its outline for the running of the business, and distribute all these to each individual on their department, it will be easier compared to when each individual makes their performance management.

Besides, the company made performance management will be able to equalize each employee compared to when they permit the individuals to make this for their own. It is also easy to supervise the running of each department on whether the set outputs are being followed or they are effective or not (Cappelli, & Tavis, 2016). Therefore, it would be crucial if the company prefers to come up with their performance management forum instead of leaving the task to the individual department hence allowing them to come up with their solutions.

Benchmarking that involved learning from others can be used as a performance process in my organization through mainly identifying the key performance metrics. Learning from other well-performing companies will give my company a new way to make as well as improve their goods and services.

It does not hold that the goods that we will make will be similar to those of another company. Still, instead, from the experience of the country we got information from, we can come up with a way of developing the good and modernizing it. There are advantages of benchmarking as well as the disadvantages.


There are pros as to why we would prefer to benchmark. To begin with, we can learn new methods to improve our services to become better. Once we benchmark, we not only learn but also develops a new skill from what one saw. Once you see something, you can have an alternative of mending it once again (Gerrish, 2016). You are then able to set the performance expectations and, lastly, enable the mindset as well as the culture of continuous improvement.

On the other side, benchmarking may end up leaving individuals with a lack of understanding. The majority of individuals do not focus on understanding what they see from others. They end up being jealous since most of the companies will keep their competition instead of their growth. It is therefore advisable to all the companies that they are obliged to understand the needs for having a benchmarking in their own companies rather than preferring to spy on other companies.


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