Essay on Organizational Behavior: Empathy

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Date:  2022-03-22


My definition of empathy is the ability to listen to others, what they are saying about their experiences and ability to put oneself in the shoes of these people without necessarily judging. Empathy is when an individual is able to understand and describe the challenges or problems that another person is going through, recognize the agony of the situation and offer a form of consolation. By giving the needed support without necessarily getting to the ultimate solution of the problem, an individual shows empathy that helps the other person to realize their worth and pursue a better course of action. Emphatic managers take perspective, do not judge, recognize emotion and communicate emotion (Loder 1).

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The Story of My Scenario

After looking at the provided picture, I see myself as a lonely girl, a devastated school girl wondering about my fate, friends, family and other residents of the Chicago public houses. The buildings at the back of the picture are the Chicago public houses, a slum area that housed the poor, jobless and mostly the low income earning households. The words describing this picture remind me of my life at the age of eleven. I lived with my family in Chicago's public houses at the tender age. I also went to the neighboring school in Chicago. However, the government had started evacuating people from the public houses. The promise was to demolish and rebuild build new and upgraded houses for the poor. People started moving out of their houses slowly to allow for demolitions.

In this picture, I am remembering how I played with my friends at the playground that is already deserted. I am sad and devastated because many of my friends have left and my parents are poor, only earning from hawking within the community. Sorrow fills my face from the experience of being evacuated from the buildings. Most important to me was the playground where I played with my friends. I feel bad because I am leaving the playground I love to play with my friends.

My experiences in the Chicago houses make me reflect about my life outside this community. I am thinking about my life outside this community. How will my life be? How are things going to change for my family now that we have no place to go? Who can come to my rescue as a child from a poor background? I have no answers for all these questions and the demolitions are almost starting. My face says it all; I am astonished of the government's action to evacuate so many people without a place to take them. To me feel that Chicago public housing development seems to be a place that the rest of the city had abandoned.

I need a place to call home, a better life, not in a slum community, a place where every other child can enjoy as a home. I will be leaving the Chicago public houses, the only place I have known as home for all my years. I think I am a good example of many other children growing up in the Chicago public housing. Living in a community made of about 20 to 25 blocks of public housing all packed together. They are ragged buildings, but so many lives are inside. Everything around the buildings had vanished with more people occupying the houses each time. The concentration of people made the community poorer and poorer. I do not complain about it. It is the life I am used to. Even though it is a slum, people here love one another and it is a home that I never wished to leave one day. With the promise of transforming the lives of people here, the government is not considered of the damage, heartache and displacements and more suffering of the poor.

I desire someone to tell me all is not yet over, that I will have a place to call home in due time. I will have new friends and neighbors in the new neighborhood where my family will relocate in Chicago. I even yearn for someone to ask me how the situation is making me feel. My face leaves any person with many unanswered questions of what might be going through my mind. It is a difficult situation for me. I am anxious and sad at the same time. However, there is an option to vacate and occupy other areas within the city where there are better houses. Poverty covers all my emotions as I wonder whether my family will be able to afford expensive houses in the city. In my mind, the only hope I have is for the government to intervene for the poor by showing them a place to go after demolishing the public houses. The split of many families, friends, and neighbors might be worth the demolitions. However, it should replace more human suffering for the poor than they were already struggling while in the Chicago public houses.

Work Cited

Loder, Vanessa. "What Successful Companies Are Doing Right: Empathy?" Forbes. 2016. The Web

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