Essay on HR Management: Instructional Design Model

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Date:  2021-03-29

Instructional design models help integrate and infuse general learning theory with real world application. They are vital in providing assistance to individuals so that they can formulate solutions to various problems. In our scenario, we would establish the most suitable way to enable assimilation of the new employees to their positions in the new workplace.

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For success, various stages in the instructional model would need implementation so as to ascertain the diverse requirements of the individuals with the aim of providing the most suitable environment for them and in turn, enable achievement of maximum performance that would ensure the realization of the organization's goal (Noe, 2010). The training phase would be broad to ensure the employees are conversant with the institution's requirement. Some aspects need to be covered during the period to enable a fruitful outcome.

The first issue to be covered during the training would be the analysis phase, which encompasses the goal setting duration. During this stage, it would enable matching of skills and intelligence shown by the employees. It would facilitate distinguishing of the known from what is to result after the training duration. Issues to be addressed include determination of the program to be undertaken, success metrics and lastly determination of the objectives of the training (Noe, 2010). Besides that, determination of limiting factors to the program and also identification of knowledge and skills would play a significant role in the success of the program.

Another stage would be the design phase that would determine goals, and tools used to gauge performance. Training objectives, content, subject matter, outlines, methods and activities would be established. Its after consideration of factors determining the training outcome and purpose to guarantee achievement of the intended goals.

Another stage is the development and implementation period. The content of the program and learning interactions would require to be outlined in addition to ways of delivering them. It would facilitate production and assembly of learning materials and determination of the most appropriate ways for delivery. Another important issue would be handing of the materials crafted to the trainer for actual training events (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). Training is essential to the teachers with the purpose of ensuring end results occur and all issues put across succeed.

Lastly, would be the evaluation phase. In this period, the success of the program is analyzed and determined. The primary purpose is to provide a gap for feedback from the various stakeholders involved. Results obtained would enable reaching a conclusion on whether the original goals specified materialized or an update would be required.

Performance objectives for the position, preparation for a feedback session and how it would proceed

Performance management is essential as it assists employees to understand what is required of them. In our scenario, we would establish an effective performance management system that would improve the productivity of the organization and enhance efficiency (Need, 2006).

Examples of some of the performance objectives for the job would include decreasing accounts overdue payable by the second quarter, increasing financial projections accuracy by developing standard markets by the end of the year and, finally, reducing bookkeeping errors by developing a new control policy.

A performance evaluation form would be essential. It would provide guidelines used to determine whether the employee is on track in achieving the goals and objectives set. The form would contain questions that would guide to enable review of the employees performance. Feedbacks would also be integrated into the performance management process to enhance career growth and nurture improvement of the employees (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009).

Concerning the feedback, it is one of the most crucial issues that need utmost concern for it to be successful. Adequate preparation needs to be put in place to ensure satisfaction of the parties involved. With this in mind, feedback sessions need to be of high level, constructive and well timed (Need, 2006). The setting of the direction would be the beginning of providing effective feedback. Objectives and expectations of the employees need to be established upfront with the purpose of guiding the process. Afterwards, meetings need to be scheduled to discuss the issues.

During the actual event of providing feedback, appropriate time and location need preparation. Later, open questions need to be established to enable efficient information flow. Meaningful and specific issues such as why overdue accounts payable were on the rise would be asked targeting the designated group. Additionally, facts need to be expressed clearly and be honest with the burning issues. The feedback session needs to concentrate on the behavior and character rather than the individual to avoid a biased situation. On top of that, idea sharing would be of more concern to enable future improvement and adjustments.

Consistency with the message is critical and room for handling the stressful situations such as disagreement and anger. On the other hand, the receiver should get a chance to provide feedback to improve the communication process.

In conclusion, an appropriate performance management process is the only solution for progress and improvement.


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