Essay on Havelock Ellis and Sex Psychology

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Date:  2022-06-19


Henry Havelock Ellis is recognized as a pioneer in the development of modern insights of sexuality because he authored the earliest books on homosexuality. He was a British psychologist who co-authored a book titled Sexual Inversion. In 1987, Havelock borrowed some excerpts from a gay literary critic known as John Addington Symonds in order to write Sexual Inversion. This book depicted Ellis' perception of lesbians and gays as having a reversed pattern of erotic attraction. They theorized that homosexuality is typically an inborn abnormality that evolves an individual's sexual instinct towards supporters of the same sex. The sexologist believed this condition natural happens in all species. Any effort at evaluating a cure is fruitless because it goes against the state of the invert. Sexual Inversion became part of a vast collection of research, Studies in the Psychology of Sex, in which Ellis introduced to research on narcissism, autoeroticism, and linkages of pain with sexual behavior and notions of love (Cox 5).

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One of Ellis' most crucial contribution was his clarification that homosexuality is a psychological oriented, not typically a psychological orientation, not typically a random sex deed or norm constituting the same sex. Earlier, the people perceived that homosexuality was an illness or crime that only the sick and immoral mind indulged in. Ellis was one of the few sexual researchers who viewed the concept from an objective perspective rather than a taboo.


The outcome of his research is that it has changed the public's attitude towards the same sex people. With the assistance of Havelock Ellis, we are breaking down those negative values and are now creating new channels of thinking. It is up to individuals to have their own gender preferences so we should accord them respect for their sexual orientation. Aside from the individual feelings, the topic of homosexuality is hitting the headlines in the media. One significant debate is if individuals in same-sex marriages can get married. This will offer the same-sex partners all the privileges that married heterosexual partners receive.

Various nations are beginning to change the perception on the topic of homosexuality. Here in the United States, some states have passed laws to approve same-sex marriages and have passed regulations to prohibit them. Individuals are starting to rally to alter those bans is still long. It will not be easy but credit to Henry "Havelock" Ellis, the advantages will be the same for everyone across the world.

In America, President Obama government legalized the same-sex marriage. On 26th June 2015, the Supreme Court issued a verdict which now is recorded as the most high-profile civil rights judgment in the nation. The case of Obergefell vs. Hodges resulted in marriage becoming acknowledged as a constitutional right for all Americans irrespective of their sexual orientation. The Judge ruled that both straight and same-sex individuals have similar rights in all states and territories in America. It was a narrow 5-4 victory though one that took the immediate impact and was designed to terminate a culture that had raged across the nations for more than a decade (Tesler 806). Hence, the sexual inversion book by Ellis helped to change the Americans' perception of homosexuality.


I chose the topic the reception of same-sex rights in other nations has been cruel. These nations view that same-sex acts are linked with Satanism and should not be condoned at all. These people forget that every individual has the right to the way he or she wants to live.

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