Essay on Example of a Company With Simple Structure: Buckhead Tissue

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Date:  2023-06-19

Provide an example of one company that should employ the simple structure organizational configuration.

A simple structure organizational configuration uses the basic design in its structure with minimal departments and a little specialization in work. The simple structure also has a centralized authority with the little formal rules that govern the operations of the company. One example of a simple structure is a local tea shop or a coffee shop within a town such as Buckhead tissue. This is a single shop operated by a mother with few of her friends helping her in operation.

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Provide an example of one company that uses the machine bureaucracy structure

A machine bureaucracy form of structure is a formalized structure in management that operates on a high degree of specialization. The senior management of the firm makes basic decisions as managers and employees carry out daily operations. This type of structure is common in large companies that are well established. An example of such a company is Ford or Nissan, which are large vehicle manufacturing companies that are large enough to use a machine bureaucracy structure. These companies are distinct in their operations because managers have different roles from the staff, and they are responsible for making decisions.

Describe the kinds of organizations should feature hat should feature a professional bureaucracy

An organization that should feature a professional bureaucracy structure are those that are highly decentralized when looking at their vertical and horizontal dimensions. The majority of the operations take place at the bottom of the structure, while the Professionals operate at the core of the organization (Ahmady, Mehrpour, & Nikooravesh, 2016). Examples are hospitals and machine sales shops. These companies require employees that are highly skilled and sometimes need certification or degree. An example is John Hopkins Hospital.

Describe the kinds of firms that should use the divisional form of structure. Provide an example.

Divisional form of structure is applied by an organization that puts different organizational functions into groups with each division containing all the resources needed to support the production line. Such companies have their own financial structure marketing department and the information technology department. Examples include Sony, Yamaha, and other renowned companies such as Samsung.

Describe the types of organizations that are best suited to the adhocracy form of structure. Provide an example

This is a flexible and adaptable informal structure in an organization that lacks formal structures. Employees are also specialized in multidisciplinary functionality and are the opposite of bureaucracy. An example is a construction company such as Solomon builders in Nashville, Tennessee.


Ahmady, G. A., Mehrpour, M., & Nikooravesh, A. (2016). Organizational structure. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 230, 455-462.

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