Essay on Establishing Effective Healthcare Organisation: Risk Control Through Auditing

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To establish a healthcare organisation that will keep into considerations the significant aspects and factors that affects healthcare organisations and it human resource in general, the top management and leadership must be drawn from physician professionals and its subordinate member. This will establish a team of leadership and management that had experienced and faced some of the challenges from the field of specialization

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To have risk control mechanisms, an audit needs to accompany any project at all the stages for the corrective action plan to be taken to ensure the direction being considered is the right one. Individual observation and also ensure that there is the correction of the system much as possible, efforts should be put to ensure that there is a focus on the root cause of what has been observed. It, therefore, is essential to ensure that the right problem is identified and that the right solution is given to that problem. This is because if care is not taken resources could be wasted when fixing the wrong question.

The focus area for healthcare management is information control. Time is also an essential factor in consideration. Therefore, there should be a reasonable timeframe set aside provided in the previous audit reports. In most cases the time for audit is usually two weeks but if there is much observation to be done, an extension of time can be done to give ample time to allow action of plan, depending on the action needed, time can vary.

A member of the audit team should be tasked to do the tracking of corrective action task completion. Commitment to the end of the task should be taken with much seriousness, and in case it is noted that a particular job will not be completed within a specified period, then the supervisor should be notified (Chen,2016). Delays, in most cases, demonstrates that there is no commitment the senior management should not tolerate this. This is because failure to comply, liability is created; thus, losses and action should be taken against those individuals or even termination of their contract. The auditing should also be done at the right time for it to be effective. It should not be too late neither should it be very early.

Compliance Status

The scope of IT compliance auditing comes in all shapes and sizes based on the auditing presentations in systematic and measurable assessments that need to be put into considerations within organizational environments. The auditing for information system compliances regarding the ongoing corporate process by making sure effective security principles and policy control of an Application Domain controls (El Sadany, Schmittner, & Kastner,2019). To achieve a sustainable information system, an organization that is establishing the Application Domain needs to comply with external standards and regulations that assemble the policy infrastructure. It is also essential for an organization to meet all the expectations by enforcing infrastructure. Therefore, the policy requirement should not just focus on the technical measures alone but also putting more consideration into nontechnical mechanisms.

It is also a requirement of an organization to establish firm organizational governance frameworks which consist of applicable regulations that set up a high level of qualification which facilitate securing control of information system and IT infrastructure. Once the policy framework complies, an organization needs to implement the specific control to provide security control for the Application Domain.

While speculating for the possible outcomes that might be obtained when we integrate physicians and nursing professionals into leadership and management, it is essential to examine some of the unique factors that hinder or affect the physicians to ascend into leadership. It is the primary mandate to establish outcome improvement with the use of risen federal government regulations and policies and accrediting bodies. Currently, there is no overall structure regarding leadership systems and administration management in medical healthcare and the processes within Medicare facilities to impress leadership based on the skills and experiences in the line of professionalism. Medical healthcare is much like any other industries and corporate organization which usually require their top senior-most leader to possess individual skills and experiences in the same line of production to take control of organization leadership and which act as some of the critical requirement to ascend into an administrative hierarchy van de Riet. (van de Riet,200) Demanding for management and leadership held by physicians and clinicians without putting into consideration the context at which that kind of leadership is being demanded or projected to be obtained from medical healthcare physicians and clinicians is inadequate. Therefore, formulation of policy and regulatory frameworks that seeks to create or provide physicians and clinicians who had accumulated skills and experiences in the field aids physicians to ascend into power for better healthcare organizations such as World Healthcare organization should impress and put into practices such kind of strategies for better leadership of the health medical care organization to promote leadership skills among its human resource team.Without putting that into consideration, the change will not happen or occur in the way medical health care is run and operated.

Another unique issue medical healthy is lack of time to participate and present their proposal to vie for leadership positions displayed or advertised within or outside the organizations. The medical physicians and clinicians spent most of their time attending to patients to meet their satisfaction according to medical codes of ethics. Based on these rules and regulatory principles guidelines, it is the patients who dictate the physician's movement and mode of interactions with the people within the social system. The problem with patients satisfaction is one of the most significant burdens that prevent most of the physicians from balancing social life and professional life. It is through social interaction and socialization whereby people got to establish what the within the social system and thus creating opportunity.

According to Pizzo, Lawley, T. J., & Rubenstein, A. H. (2017). Role of leaders in fostering meaningful collaborations between academic medical centers and industry while also managing individual and institutional conflicts of interest. Jama, 317(17), 1729-1730.The authority also prevents physicians from participation and socialization, which usually the primary source of identification of challenges from the social which systems which can act as e puffer towards the development of leadership interest and desires. The authority and government, alongside the private agency, do so by setting the physician quality reporting system and restricting physicians' promotional grade4s by setting up high performance grade to make sure they retain doctors into the system. By putting into consideration, most of these critical issues that prevent physicians from participating in a leadership role in the medical organization will pave the way to have more physicians into higher and top leadership to establish proper administration in the medical healthcare system.

Plan for Compliance

To design an information system that protects data privacy, it is essential to follow specific procedural guidelines. In most an organization keep vital information about their daily activities and personal information of their esteem clients. The general procedure that needs to put into consideration should revolve around Data collections, storage, usage, retentions, and destruction practice, and procedures. An organization needs to comply with the general procedures that govern all the practices that protect organizational data during the installation of an information system in an organization. The general process should follow the following data life cycle as shown in the figure below, to comply with Application Domain regulations (Castrica et al.,2018).

As personnel in charge of the IT compliance auditing system, there are specific aspects such as examination of the requirements, development of the strategic plan, creating documentation processes, and anticipating corrective mechanisms that need to be put into consideration.


To bring about improvement, there is a need to be a theoretical transition that involves moving from a situation where only the leader's characteristics are considered but also recognized followers' personalities and the role they too play in that leadership. This is because the administration should not focus on an individual and start seeing leadership as a process (Boland & Duszak,2015). Leadership should, therefore, be an integration that encourages communication between various staff, collaboration to bring about different ideas and to make it easy to accomplish a common goal. System complexity also needs to be addressed and encourage mobilization that brings about change and innovation. This should be promoting as one person cannot accomplish innovation. Incorporating the will and ideas of diverse people will improve the outcome. Both the formal and the informal leaders have a significant role to plays a great role as there is change resulting from different people. This change will also be readily acceptable to people as they are part of the initiators.


Leadership needs to be redesigned into one that develops and also promotes the diffusion and of the improvements made and even the innovations. To address the growing demand for the development and also accountability, the need for shared leadership is fundamental. There need to be a shift in thinking, a new way of partnership, and even moving away from the previous method of administration. There is also the need to make people understand what leadership is and how it needs to be enacted (Roth, Theriault, Clement, & Worthington,2016).

The organizations also need to move the stable way of doing a thing and move to the risk-taking system, which is more flexible and likely to bring about change. Shared leadership has several advantages, which include, there is a natural spread of information and also power in the entire organization. There is a capacity of succession that is built. Everyone gets to know what is expected of a leader, and as a result, the organization activities would not stop if due to the absence of the leader as anybody can carry out his roles effectively. Leaders who are close to the people being served can know the people's interest better than the senior executives a result, incorporating them into the leadership would help to solve the problems better. For shared leadership to work, there must be trust, commitment. Knowledge and empowerment of the individual and also having the required resources is key to the success of every organization.


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