Essay on Employee Competence Management: An Essential Part of the Workplace

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Date:  2023-04-09


Both in the modern and traditional business setting, employee's competence management is an essential part of the workplace as it presents an opportunity for the supervisors and the administrators to measure the performance of the employees to establish whether the staff is meeting the organization's expectation. Since the early years, the methods of evaluating the performance of an employee have significantly evolved. The old methods have been replaced by new techniques that reflect on the improvements and are more tailored to the purpose of the appraisal (Khanna & Sharma, 2014). Hence the methods are classified as either traditional or modern way of measuring the employee's competences.

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Traditional methods

Ranking method

It is the primogenital yet the easiest technique of performance evaluation; in this method, the worker is compared to all other employees to place the order of value. The staffs, in this case, are ranked from the best to worst or from the high performing to the least performing. The advantage of this method is that it is easy, and it is not time-consuming. the disadvantages, of the method include it does not tell how much one employee is better as compared to the other. Also, it is very challenging to compare persons with varying Behavioural traits.

Paired comparison method

This method is almost similar to the ranking technique. In this method, each staff is rated with other personnel on one category, and this is primarily based on a single character trait. Appraisal through this technique is offered with a slip containing two names, and the rater indicates by putting a tick in contrast to the worker whom they deem better of the pair (Khanna & Sharma, 2014). The sum of times that the employee is compared to the other colleagues as better determines their final ranking. This kind of method ids beneficial in case of the large population being compared, and also it helps the organization understand the strong character trait of its employees and determine the position that best fits the employee. However, this method is time-consuming.

Modern techniques

Management by objectives

Most of the contemporary methods of measuring employees' competencies are exposed to the rater's antagonistic views and owing to the problem presented by the traditional performance appraisal peter f. Drucker propounded the management by the objective method. In this method, the staff and the supervisor in the same department together identify the common objectives. Establish each of the employer areas of concern in relation to the expected outcomes and use the findings as a guide for operating and evaluating the contribution of individual employee. The advantage of this method is that it helps the supervisor discuss with the subordinate the performance and help them improve on their areas of weaknesses hence identifying the best position that suits the employee better (Khanna & Sharma, 2014). However, on the contrary, the limitation of the method is that it is time-consuming; it can be used to set unrealistic objectives.

Behaviorally anchored rating scale Bars

This type of performance appraisal method brings out the quantitative as well as the qualitative benefits in the process of competence measuring. Bars primarily compares the employee's performance with a particular behavioral example that is anchored to numerical ratings. This approach has the advantage of presenting clearer standards; better feedbacks accurately gauges the employees as well as maintaining the consistency in the appraisal process. However, on the other hand, the process of creating as well as implementing Bars is expensive and time-consuming. It also requires high maintenance.


Khanna, M., & Sharma, R. K. (2014). Employees performance appraisal and its techniques: a review. Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences, 2(2), 51-58. doi: 10.5539/ass.v11n24p162

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