Essay on Digital Museum: Enhancing Experience Through Personalization & Interaction

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Date:  2023-05-23

A computer-generated museum is a digital unit that constitutes the traits of the museum to complement, augment, or enhance the experience of being in a physical museum through personalization, rich content, and interaction. Computer-generated museums can perform as well as a natural museum since they can function independently. The main aim of virtual museums is to offer public accessibility through systematic collections and coherent organizations of their sets and long term preservation. The virtual museum can consist of specific objects such as art or natural history objects or exhibitions made from primary or secondary resources such as science museums. Nonetheless, virtual/computer-generated museums can refer to websites offerings of traditional museums, or they can be primarily generated digitally through net art, 3D environments, digital arts, among other contents. Examples of such virtual museums include the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York and the National Gallery in London. The focus will be the comparison of the experience they offer, their independency status, and if the combination of the two museums is a good substitute.

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The metropolitan museum of arts, also known as the Met, contains one of the 21st century greatest wonders of the collections of human accomplishments dating from about 6000 years ago. The Met consists of the two-story hall with deep collections of Greek and Roman art from the Mediterranean and beyond. The National Gallery in London consists of paintings dating back from the mid-13th to the 19th century (Lauson, 2019). Due to world status, covid-19 has paralyzed physical visiting to the museum. Most of the museums, such as The Met and the National Gallery has opted to adopt the virtual form in which they are displaying their exhibitions online for public access. The Met has an Instagram account while The National Gallery has a YouTube account.

The Metropolitan Instagram account, as well as the National Gallery in London Youtube account, add to the museum goer's a better experience of easy accessibility of thousands of art at the fingertips. Museum-goers have a reason to smile at this pandemic period since their urge or plan to visit museums and galleries are not limited. Instead, they will enjoy more experience with their phones at the price of their internet connection. Moreover, before the occurrence of the Coronavirus disease, the Met and the National Gallery allowed their customers to take pictures of the art. At first, they feared that the strategy would enable visitors who had the intention of visiting the place will view at the comfort of their beds (Jones, 2018). However, it turned out that pictures posted on Instagram and YouTube created more curiosity among the audience, thus attracted more visitors. Therefore, social media accounts increased the museum goer's experience.

The metropolitan Museum Instagram account fair quite well independently compared to National Gallery through YouTube. The museum utilizes special features found on Instagram, such as Instagram stories, live broadcasts, and video posts to promote their arts and architecture. The more likes the firm gets, the more awareness it is creating among the audience. Moreover, through the Instagram account, it is easy for the audience to follow its posts. Nonetheless, the National Gallery only promotes its arts and architecture through video. It is quite challenging to follow a particular brand on YouTube since pictures and short clips cannot be uploaded regularly. Moreover, one has to subscribe to follow. Therefore, the metropolitan museum online format is offering more compared to the National Gallery online format.


In conclusion, the combination of both the Metropolitan Museum online format and that of the National Gallery would form a healthy substitute to the audience through the creation of curiosity among the willing visitors. Through Youtube, the Art and architecture industry is more like to create a trust relationship while through Instagram, it is easy to attract even the younger audience.


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