Essay on Development of a Car Seat with High Customizations

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Date:  2021-06-21

Phase 1: Mission statement

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The idea for the project is to develop a car seat with high customizations. The neck should be fixed with a pillow and a massage. The car seat is also supposed to have a fixed seat belt and stands for the arm. A headphone should also be fixed on the seat like at the part that supports the neck. The car seat should provide comfort to the passengers as well as entertainment thus the massage fixed on the seat is for purposes of comfort while the entertainment aspect is brought by headphone fixed on the seat.

Mission Statement: Car seat project

Product Description - A car seat highly customized with handles, headphones, and neck massage

Benefit Proposition - Makes users comfortable as well as entertained while traveling

Key Business Goals - Product introduced in last quarter of 2017

-50% gross margin

Primary Markets -new model cars owners

-latest car sellers

-companies that manufacture modern and latest cars

-young rich people between the age of 20-40 mostly who want

most luxurious cars

Secondary Markets - middle-class car owners

Assumptions -the car in which it is going to be used in is installed with the

headphone port

Stakeholders -User

-legal department


-sale force

Phase Two: Customer Needs

Design of car seat with each seat fitted with stereo system. Reason for this is that each person can control what he or she listen to because we have different people in terms of there will be those listening for gospel and those for local.

The design of car seat that is of modern and fixed with headphone in each seat. This will help to control unnecessary noise because there are those who will be traveling and does not need any noise at all whether music or some speeches. Headphone will help in this.

The design of the seat should be standardized. That is standardization should be put more into consideration. This will help in the sense that this seat can be fitted to any car in the country and even the world since it has conformed to the prevalent standards of the country that is giving an ISI mark pertaining to the seat.

Phase Three: Reflect on the Process

The main customers for the car seat product are the passengers whom in the interaction, all of the important customers have been interacted with. The passengers are of different levels though, through the interviews, various customers satisfying the assumption of all types of customers have been interacted with. The customers brought out various needs which were beyond the general expectations. As the car seats should be fixed with the headphones, the customers also suggested the own stereo system for each seat in which one could control what they listen to themselves without the dependence on the main stereo system by the vehicle.

The need for the stereo system of each seat was a surprise as such was not planned for. It is true that various people have different taste of music they listen to, therefore, when on controls the stereo system and decides on the kind of song they would listen to during the journey, the aspect of comfort is realized more. The customers chose for the control of the own stereo system in the headphones connected to each seat so as to satisfy the needs of the varied group of people on basis of age, culture and various aspects which make one listen to different genres of songs.

During the start of the project, it was thought that the aspect of own headphone in the seat of the car may not be fascinating to most of the customers. Especially on basis that some of the customers may not consider listening to music while traveling. However, with the idea of the own stereo system, it is clear that one may control the kind of music they listen to or even switch the stereo off. In future, we might decide to include a television set on the back of the seats in order to allow the one at the back seat to view their own television which also they can control what they watch as they want or feel like. There was also the idea of standardization which was brought. This was of great insight since if standardization was going to be put into consideration we will win the even global market.

Phase Four: Product Specification

the car seat fitted with headphone. This is a car seat that will be used by the passenger to seat on while traveling this type of seat is going to be fitted in the car to enhance comfortability of passenger while traveling and make trips. They are designed to make traveling comfortable.

Maintenance is minimal since the seat need only to be cleaned and the headphone carefully handled but in the case of failure, the headphone is cheap to be replaced.

Material used are of light weight not easily damaged and transportable

Reliability is maximum it is of 2% failure rate over its service life 0.

Phase Five: Product Concept

the car seat fitted with headphone

This type of seat is a high-tech seat and most luxurious type of is fitted with headphone on it. its of modern technology and standards.

The target group is the people with modern and latest modern cars seller, companies that manufacture and assembles these cars and young rich people who are for most luxurious cars.

The primary benefit of this is that its the latest and most luxurious type of seat. And its very practical.

It is superior to the competition in the sense that it's the latest type so far and much more comfortable. Hence its able to compete favorably with the current types.

Ergonomics. Every part of the seat is excellently fitted for easy assembling and dismantling when replacing a part changing the seat cover.

Final Project

AbstractEngineering design involves the aspect of making a product to have specifications which are economical as well as appealing to users. In product design, engineering design aims at bringing out a product perceived as better than the existing ones in fulfilling customer desires. As brought out by Pahl (2014), engineering design involves the making of a product which exists to be more appealing to its users like for instance in the project, a car seat is a common product, however, through engineering design, the formulation of the better part of the car seat is made essential.

In the project, the intention is to come out with an improved quality of a car seat with specifications that will ensure comfort as well as entertainment to the passengers. The customization of the car seat is a pillow fixed to the neck with a massage as well as stand arms and fixed seat belts. The car seat should also have a headphone fixed to the seat in which the customers shall hear music from. The car seat should provide comfort through the massage and pillow fixed at the neck as well as entertainment through the headphones for listening to music.

The project outcomes are the make of a car seat which appeals to the passengers in terms of looks and services provided to the customer. The car seat is a product of engineering design on the common car seat types with no form of headphone entertainments. The message part and pillow at the neck makes the car seat be more of special than the common car seats available.


The product that is under design is on developing the car seat. The project aims at developing the car seat to the extent of making the car seat customized with the pillow at the neck and a massage. There shall also be fixed seat belts and stands for the arm. The car seat is supposed to have a headphone fixed on the neck which allows one to listen to music from their independent headphones while traveling. The car seat shall be improved to the extent that they give comfort as well as entertainment to the customers.

The project of designing the car seat took various stages that generally led to its success. The first stage of the development was the development of the mission statement. The mission statement included a description of the product as well as the statement which showed more of a viability for the product. The customer needs were tested through the interview of various customers on the needs of the product. A template for the interview was made on the first process after which various customers asked to fill responses.

From the responses by the customers, there was a reflection on the process as a whole on basis of the customers' needs and specifications. A product specification which had three deliverables including; objectives tree, establishing of functions through function analysis and completion of the performance specification for the design idea followed. The product concept with the following deliverables was the step after, completed house of quality, solutions from the morphological chart, and a short description for the chosen solution. The last step on the project is the writing of this report.

Main Body

This project as initially stated is about developing the car seat through customizing the neck by putting the pillow and inserting a massage. The car seat should also have a stand for the arms and fixed seat belts as well as the headphones on each seat. The main aim of the project is to make a car seat which provides comfort as well as entertainment to the customers. The idea in based on the development of an already existing product which is the car seat. The product should be developed to the specifications which are provided on the above part.

Similar Products

Basically, the similar products for the one which is to be made in the project are common car seats. There are fewer products which have been brought forth aiming at the development of a car seat. However, some of the customizations which have so far been made on car seats have been like the basic stands for the arms and may be pillows on the neck of the car seats. However, the other car seats are just common or rather normal and lack further specifications which make the brand that is to be developed quite unique.

In the project, the parts to be taken under consideration are the neck and back of the seat. The reason for the above cla...

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