Essay on Carrier Corporation: System Thinking Powers Organizational Transformation

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Date:  2023-04-24

System thinking has altered the architecture of the organization's operation. Its mode favors innovation, as it is built to be focused on the customer, a control system that ensures that there is accountability. An analysis of Carrier Corporation, for instance, shows the unification of the system and its visions, designed to meet the needs of the clients, ensure accountability and quick solution to challenges. There are massive innovation and change as the system offers integrated solutions to the creation of products and eradication of problems.

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The key element of the organizational systems theory that informs leadership practices in any complex organization is the unification of systems that operates within an organization. The unity of these systems has enabled a complex organization to deal with conflicts easily and implements policies faster than before (Gharajedaghi, 2011). Another important element is the system of through-put oriented rewards, that motivates the workforce and the clients and yield more results of the organization.

The structure and processes of a complex organization are designed to accommodate the differences between individuals and ideologies in a complex environment. The approach is always multidimensional. Carrier Corporation has a three-dimension architecture, which ensures that there is a mutual co-existence of the organization and the immediate complex environment, to ensure fast-success. A multidimensional architecture has focused on the market, the product and the possibilities of enhancing technology in becoming more productive and expanding the markets(Gharajedaghi, 2011). In a complex environment, the organization's design is made up of integration, differentiation, interdependency, and autonomy, ensuring that there is unity in all stages of making and selling products.

An application of the systems theory and the thinking into personal practice is in the form of decision making and engagement of people around me. The first approach can be by ensuring that I receive information regarding development in all aspects of life and ensure that I am in harmony with the systems like the family and the entire social systems. I ensure that I have leveraged on the technology to make life easier and more meaningful, when interacting and even engaging in private entrepreneurship.


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