Essay on Borderland Issues: Psychoanalysis on TX-MX Border Region

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  606 Words
Date:  2023-01-29

The article explores the various issues affecting people along the border between Texas and Mexico with a specific focus on psychoanalysis. Written by Ricardo Ainslie, Boundaries and Representation in the Mexico-Texas Borderland: Reflections on Geography, Culture, and Identity, talks about the experiences of people on both sides of the border between the United States and Mexico (AltmAn,1995). The article is an analysis of papers presented in an academic forum held by the American Psychoanalytic Association in Austin, Texas. The article discusses the work of three scholars who examine issues of race, security, class, and culture in the region, capturing the border of Texas and Mexico. The articles under analysis capture of life people in Texans and Mexicans from the period when Texas was under Mexico control and how the creation of the border has affected the people who live in the area over the years.

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It is very clear from the beginning of the article that it is a straightforward issue but a complex issue that affects the social and cultural life of the people. Within the first three paragraphs of the report, the reader cannot easily grasp information about the article because it is a bit confusing (BRetheRton, 1992). The author starts by talking about the summer meeting held by American Psychoanalytic associations without introducing the subject matter. It only highlights issues relating to race and border issues as the main challenge of America. Also, the author only explained why it is essential to believe that psychoanalysis is dynamic and complicated as it changes with the changes in the world around it (Ainslie, 2013). These social and cultural issues are reported as inescapable issues of life that an individual must encounter.

The author does an excellent job because when writing this article. The article was very informative and exciting, although there are some sections that I can argue against. In my opinion, I do not believe that psychoanalysis is much more open to the idea that real relationships and broader social contexts influences and shape subjective experience. I oppose the idea because there are very many attributes that shape and influences the personal experience of a child.

The author also acknowledges that cultural practices dictate how a given group of persons behave and influence what people do, and therefore, it brings the difference between one community to the next. The author, therefore, believes that it is an inescapable practice that determines the economic activity of the people (Ainslie, 2011). The claim of this fact is supported by an example to show the effect of the culture of exercise on the people.

The topic of the researcher affects our lives in many ways. Its effect is felt both locally and globally. It brings the difference between people living today and in the past, and therefore, it is a bridge that connects people of the past and those of today (leARy, 2006). It is essential to research this topic because it highlights the people on the effect of cultural practice on the people. It is also an educational tool that highlights the reason why people should uphold their cultural norms and adhere to some which are suitable for societal growth.


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