Essay on Arian Steel Co: Steel Products Since 2000 in Erbil, Iraq

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Date:  2022-12-29

Arian Steel Company is a rolling Mill Company located at Erbil, Iraq and a subsidiary of the Arian Group. We have been dealing with steel products since 2000, and we were formally established from the government in 2006. We mostly deal with products such as cold rolled, hot rolled, I-beams, H-beams, IPE, profiles, sheet rolls, galvanized rolls and pipes. We have three significant warehouses to store our imported goods, and we are headquartered in Erbil, Iraq. Mr. Saeed Azeez is the founder and CEO of the company. Our CEO is also the chairman of the union that represents importers and exporters in Kurdistan Region, Erbil Branch. To be specific, we are mostly interested in your great products especially I-beams and H-beams, and also your cold rolled and hot rolled steel products.

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We distribute our merchandise to the whole region of Iraq, and we possess an excellent understanding of the market and the major players. We own satellite stations in all important Iraq cities, and our products' consumption is growing by the day. Our consumer base is large and still growing since we import between 40,000 to 50,000 tons of merchandise from several countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and Turkey.

We want to acquire an Overseas Sales Franchise from your company, Hyundai Steel since we want to expand our operations to new markets and reach global heights. We are willing to keep your name after acquiring the franchise, and we also want to adopt and continue with your company's principle of sustainability to ensure a beautiful world for the future generations and also keep an eye on the environment at large. We want to grow our operations in the European Union, Non-European Union countries and some parts of Africa and Asia.

With a franchise from your company, we will both be able to expand and reach new markets outside Iraq and Asia to Europe, Africa, and the Americas. This will benefit both of our companies in providing goods to consumers and increased sales. Another reason for this acquisition request is that we much admire your technology especially in the hot and cold rolled steel products and we would want to be part of it. The warm and cold rolled steel plates from your company will be a great purchase to our customers especially those who specialize in construction materials, home electronics, and automobiles among others. We don't want to waste any time in establishing a new suite of technology, but with your software and equipment, we will become a high-end company that we aspire. We are also targeting to boost our market by acquiring your already existing extensive and robust customer base. We will reduce the expenses that we could have suffered in starting our branch from scratch. Your employees will help our team since our companies are dealing with the same products. This will also boost your market share by acquiring our existing robust and growing customer base here in Iraq and the rest of Asia.

We have already drafted a business plan for the intended acquisition in case you are interested. The program demonstrates how we will penetrate the market and deal with our competitors and as a result reach global heights. We are ready to move to the next stage if our request interests you.

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