Essay Example: Taxes Are Significant for the General Development of a Nation

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Date:  2021-04-16

Taxes are mandatory fees that government entities levy on corporations or individuals to raise revenues to finance their activities. Everyone should pay tax gladly so that eventually the funds will be used in the provision of public services and also the development of a country. Most of the people work hard so as they can raise money to support their families and they think that they should be allowed to retain all their income for themselves. This is a wrong perception since they need to pay tax to the government for their welfare in Canada, such as educational services, sanitation facilities, and water, improve Canadas infrastructure, to maintain law and order and also to enable growth and development of the economy (Raphael, 2009).

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Benefits of Paying Taxes

Enhancing Social Amenities to Canadians

Paying taxes enable the government to provide public amenities as well as services. These services include hospitals and clinics which provide excellent health care services to the Canadian families hence improving their health quality (Raphael, 2009). Using tax returns, the Canadian government is at the capacity to provide high-quality learning institutions that everybody can afford at low tuition fees. Moreover, taxes enable the government to offer public parks and libraries to citizens at no or low charges. Brook (2006) states that, Taxes allow us to pursue our aspirations collectively and thus greatly enrich the quality of life for the average Canadian family. Taxes have brought us high-quality public schools that remain our democratic treasure, low tuition at world-class universities, freedom from fear of crippling health bills, excellent medical services, public parks and libraries, and livable cities.

Income Distribution over the Canadians Lifetime and Reduction in Market Exploitation

Taxes help in income distribution among the citizens. This is done by taxing the rich more so that the poor can benefit from it. It also enables the Canadians to spread income over their lifetime hence improving their well-being during the low-income years (Bazel & Mintz, 2016). Tax income transfer from high-income periods of ones earning to low-income periods after retirements helps in supporting ones needs when they are unable to or when suffering from a disability (Brook, 2006). Taxes also help in reduction of market exploitation by enabling the establishment of public institutions that are democratically controlled. This makes the Canadians implement their obligations to one another morally. This ensures that there is maturity in their independence upon one another.

Misleading Perceptions about Tax Refrain

Brook (2006) highlighted several misleading perceptions regarding refraining from taxes payments. He says, There is a good deal of public misunderstanding about the role of taxes in modern democratic states. Despite the benefits, people enjoy when they pay tax, many do not like paying it regarding it as a burden. The public does not understand the role taxes play in the economy, and this makes them be misled by business investors who want the power to manipulate the public sector. Another misleading perception is that people cannot afford increased taxes. Nevertheless, citizens should never refuse to pay taxes which raise the money to take care of children and the elderly, leaving the burden to women who provide these services with no payment.

In conclusion, tax payments have many benefits to the well-being of the Canadians and also for the development of the economy. Paying taxes enables the government to construct hospitals and clinics that offer cheap medical care to all the citizens hence improving their health quality. Paying taxes also increases the government funds to improve infrastructure. Many people think that they should keep all their money to themselves despite taxes being a responsibility of all citizens. It is important that everyone pay tax since it ultimately benefits them.


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