Essay Example - Performance Architecture

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Date:  2021-04-12

Network management system is a group of hardware and software tools that enable IT professional's to run their individual element of a network within a larger network management framework. Performance architecture is a feature which all organizations should have. These entail a set of three domains which include financial performance, operational performance, and human performance. Actions that are taken in one of these domains affect the results of the other domains. Performance management system is essential to enhance the performance and effectiveness of an organization (Burd, 2011). It involves systematically identifying the things which contribute to the organization's ability to survive and exceed in a dynamic environment.

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Having a performance management system should be an integral part of every company's strategy to manage and measure the performance of their employees. Practicing performance management system is significant due to the positive impacts that it has on organizations. It has been found to contribute beneficial outcomes at the employee and organizational level. Explicitly, performance management facilitates the growth and development of employees, helps in motivation performance of employees and aid organizations in making human resource decisions. Organizations that manage the performance of their staff have been seen to perform better on different fields including productivity other than organizations that do not manage their employees (Parker, Benson and Trainor, 2008).

Configuration management help organizations to review and make sure that any changes that made in one of the domains do not unfavorably affect any of the other systems. It is an integral part that helps companies to make decisions that are based on facts and perform proper actions whenever errors occur and that the work products conform to the requirements of an organization.

Accounting management is a vital aspect of business. Organizations use it to decide upon the operational plans of business in the future, to contemplate on the past performance and to put control on the day-day operations of the firm.

No business is exempt from liability to error. Every business should put in place measures to detect, recover and limit the effects of failures in a system. A fault management system is necessary as companies increase in size and complexity, to help monitor and manage the problems that may arise between various components in the system.

Security management entails protection of the assets of the business. Organizations use safety management procedures to identify possible threats and to measure the system vulnerabilities so that they can perform effective controls.

Outsourcing plays an important part in ensuring productivity is high and helping managers to focus on business development. There are different factors to consider when outsourcing, mostly cost-efficiency, in that it should increase profits by reducing operational expenses, whether the vendor's technology and resources can handle the outsourced tasks successfully and also whether the provider will increase the competitive advantage of the business (Burd, 2011).

Performance architecture creates a map or a guide to achieving results in an organization. It allows the dissemination of actions to be taken at the points of intervention and consequently producing an impact at the points of evaluation (Parker, Benson and Trainor, 2008). Organizations that embark on this increase their efficacy to solve business problems. If interventionists are to intervene in a particular domain so as to realize some desired results over the other domain, they must be able to say how the actions that they plan to undertake, will make their way from those places that they intend to intervene, to where the results may be felt. Performance architecture allows interventionists explain the actions that led to a given result and also predict the results that a given action is likely to produce.


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