Essay Example on West Families: The Emergence & Evolution of Singles' Choices

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Date:  2023-02-20

The article by Mary Hartland outlines the basis under which the families in the west came to exist. The family patterns they have undergone demonstrates the situations experienced by singles youths. The singles young ladies and gentlemen had to make personal decisions that relate to marriage. According to Hartman, "Beginning if a family did not require a common go-ahead from the households, especially that of the male." She acknowledges the existence of several theories unique to one another that narrates the distinctive household patterns. The writer considers a setup of households consisting of agricultural societies to explain two models of marriage. Mary Hartman compares the early marriage model to that of the late marriage model. She has a belief that the late marriage model caused the difference experienced in northwestern Europe. In her book, she brings forth the fact that northwest Europe was underpopulated. Therefore, as a result, her resources, especially land, were underutilized. The low-income families had to chip in labor by themselves, which led to the delay in marriage for their women. Some families have, therefore, developed to be poor while others are rich, depending on the pattern they found themselves.

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The story of us all video explains that the growth of trade doesn't only rely on products and accessories involved but also on people. More silver was generated from the mines in America. It is worth noting that the trade associated with silver promoted the development of several new empires and also widened the links globally. Africans were transported along the transatlantic ocean to provide labor in the American mines. That is the point where the slave trade began. Low-income families are known to be cheap labor for rich families. The rise of the human trafficking trade between Americans and Africans caused an enlarged number of enslaved. Africans. Pilgrims are seen to traverse the world in search of religious freedom. It led to the emergence of the new world. Other than Portuguese, the rich African elites and monarchs used their positions to frustrate the poor. They also facilitated the kidnapping of Africans to enrich themselves in the trade. The new world facilitated the emergence of a medium of exchange. The currency was developed to replace batter trade. Rich merchants like Shah Jahan built a trading center for his wife. He named the trading center the Taj Mahal.

Western Europe is the region related to the rise of o modern world. Late marriages experienced have caused a unique pattern that oriented development much earlier in the region than any other. Mary Hartman discontinues the fallacy that modern development locates its roots from northwestern Europe. However much it can be dated back to several years ago, the peasants in northwest Europe are belied to let their ladies married late. It was common practice to the men of northwestern Europe also. The achievements established in western Europe are considered to have had more significant meaning as compared to northwest Europe. The region experiences modern political stability as they have more advanced industrial revolution strategies. Late marriages would have caused hindrance to the evolvement of the modern world.the western regions' master plan defines the origin of the existence of poor and wealthy families.

The paradigm explained in the context illustrates that a lady's life cycle intersects with that of the men at later ages. It is, therefore, more comfortable for the two to adapt faster in a late marriage as compared to an early marriage model. Mary Hartman describes first marriage as traditional and would as a means of subjecting women to labor in their husbands' households when married. The duties related to early marriage model include the provision of labor in the farms, babysitting, and taking care of the elderly. This kind of model is cheap when exercised. Late marriages are not orderly and hence, difficult to maintain. Harman argues that the difference between the two models of marriage depends on the age of marriage of women. The late marriage model compels women to be economic equals to the men. The model makes them take more extended periods examining the best husband of choice. Therefore, they become independent social agents in their lifestyles as compared to those involved in early marriage models.


In conclusion, depending on the new world order, the choice taken at the point o0f marriage would determine the fate of a family. According to Mary Hartman, she argues that the wealthier families get involved in late marriage models. A woman and a man would get married when they have both established their economic potential, unlike the early marriages, where the man and the lady get married at a tender age and have to move to the man's household. In this case, the family refers to their decisions for the family. The Hartmans hypothesis can be subjected to proper investigations to conceptualize the truth.


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