Essay Example on Understanding the Difference Between Culture and Fashion

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Culture is a broad term that is adequately used to define the characteristics as well as the knowledge of a specific group of people in the society, which comprises of their customs, arts, religion, language, and cuisine. Therefore, when people speak of culture, they are merely referring to their common ways of living, including interactions and behaviors that significantly foster their group identity as unique. Fashion, on the other hand, is described as the way different groups of people express themselves through clothes and other accessories that sets them apart from a crowd and culture is an integral part of it and plays a critical role in the fashion industry. Concerning culture, fashion can be described as how people desire to live their lives or rather fashion substantially influences their lifestyles. Cultural transformations such as technological advancements, modernization, and art also have a significant influence on fashion. Thus, it is essential to note that style comprises of people with different cultures.

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People's Roles According to Their Uniforms

A uniform is one of the most significant aspects that play a prominent role in identifying the wearer as a member of a particular organization, often one with authority. Uniforms allow people to be acknowledged for the services they offer. For instance, specific occupations such as firefighters and police require a uniform to help identify them with their job.

Difference between dress codes and uniforms

Dress codes requirements hugely differ from those of uniforms in that they are less restrictive as compared to uniforms. Also, the dress code requires the wearer to observe solid colors and prohibits logos or images on clothes.

The Similarity Between Dress Code Requirements and Uniform

Dress code requirements, just like uniforms, follow specific policies that are content and viewpoint oriented.

Apparel of Most People as a Combination of Physical, Psychological and Social Needs

The psychological, social, and physical reasons play a big part in the garments that people chose to wear. Many social and psychological factors help in explaining the motive behind most people being fashionable. The need to express personal creativity, conformity, and social diffusion often influence the people's models of fashion as well as a requirement for uniqueness.

Effects of Personal Values and Attitudes on my Clothing

Ideally, often the choice of clothes I chose to wear reflects on my mood that also represents my brand and values. The beliefs and attitude regarding certain clothes powerful influence other people's perception towards a person and most importantly helps to build one's professional image.

The Role of Customers' Values and Attitudes in Fashion

The attitudes and values of fashion lovers differently influence their decisions and thus have a significant impact on their clothing. The mode of dressing, in turn, influences a person's level of confidence and success.

Effects of Advertising on People's Values and Attitude

It is apparent that personal values play a significant role in marketing, and therefore, through advertising, marketers can influence the customer's attitude towards their products.

Conformity and individuality in clothing

In my clothing, I achieve a balance between individuality and conformity by ensuring that my dressing code or fashion matches my behaviors and reflects my values and attitudes.

Personality and Dressing

By wearing clothes of different colors and shapes on different occasions helps in reflecting my nature that also boosts my self-confidence and uniqueness.

Each person has their values and personality and typically how my friend dresses will affect their behaviors, attitudes, and how they interact with others.

One specific apparel that I want to purchase is a YMCB branded cap, but I do not necessarily need it. I want this particular cap primarily because I am a massive follower of the YMCB group and thus it is not an actual need since it's not a must I wear it.

One of the apparels I purchased recently was a pair of shoes specifically for hiking during the weekends, a dress for attending my friend's wedding and a suit to wear while attending a meeting with my boss at the workplace.

References (This particular picture represents simplicity in today's design of the most comfortable shoes with no flashy logos) (This picture represents fitness apparel depicting their comfy while working out) (Represents workplace fashion especially for women)

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