Essay Example on Toms: Social Responsibility & Social Media Impact

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Date:  2023-03-28

Social impacts are actions that affect businesses negatively or positively. Brand communication refers to how companies enlighten their stakeholders through awareness and its image. People go for a brand that runs by its establishment mission. Toms shoe company is an example of a corporate brand which run by its social responsibilities. The following are various social responsibilities and factors which affect advertisement in social media accounts.

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Toms shoe company was established by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 to produce shoes for needy children (Quittner,2016). The organization was started for charity work after Blake saw the hardship children were undergoing through without shoes. Toms company had various reasons as to why they were doing charity work. One of them was to prevent diseases transmitted through soil. Toms' decision to donates shoes has helped many children in developing countries since most of the schools require children to wear shoes while going to school(Quittner,2016). Shoes produced for profit are manufactured in China, while shoes produced for charity work get manufactured in Ethiopia.

Toms shoe company has maintained its social responsibilities since its establishment. The company's social obligations are as follows: environment, ethical practices, and philanthropy (Raza,2017). The environment has been experiencing problems with the company's waste disposal. Toms company has ensured that the situation does not face a threat. It has maintained its social responsibilities by providing that recycled materials bare used in the manufacturing of shoes despite being a shoe manufacturer; it ensures conservation of the environments.

It has maintained philanthropy, which ensures donations get given for the charity. Toms company has come with way, in which every shoe bought one get offered for free for charity work. It has helped the company to remain at the top. Liberal ideology is to make a better tomorrow by showing compassion. It has brought the "One for One" campaign, which is done once per year, whereby people are required to take photos while barefooted (Raza,2017). Toms addresses its ethical issues by ensuring that children are not associated with the manufacturing sector.

In today's society, advertisement has a lot of influence in organization growth, for instance, media advertisement. Individuals use newspapers, billboards, televisions, and coupons for ads. Various companies have their mode of advertisement; some spend a lot of money in the ad to gain popularity and to sell their product (Moriaty, Mitchell, Wells, Ernst,2012). As in the case of Toms shoe company, advertisement gets viewed from a different perspective. The company does not use any form of traditional advertising rather than it focuses on its actions to donates shoes where they create blogs and videos. Other types of marketing are through the drop trip shoe campaign. It brings thousands of people together who distribute the shoes to the poor. Campus students act as ambassadors during these events. The status quo comes out clear since it addresses the social responsibilities.

Social responsibilities get based on the benefits accrued by the organization from its environmental surroundings. The marketing strategies of the company show the obligations to which a good company can thrive. Toms shoe company has been successful due to their campaigns in marketing's success can be traced from its cause of being responsible socially. Some firms may use this as an advantage to grow financially, but to maintain proper records, Toms' has remained with the ideology of its establishment. The information shared in the advertisement should be morally ethical. It is because the information may be sensitive to a specific group of people like the children. Ensuring corporate social responsibility to take care of the Toms donations for charity work will help the company to improve people's perception and increase production.

Advertisement leads to various harmful practices; for example, it may run an advert, which is unethical. The following are the measures that should get used to controlling dangerous advertisements (Moriarty et al.,2012). The adverts should be accurate, basing on the type of product the company is manufacturing. The main advantage of advertising is to convince their customers to purchase the products. Some companies may play false adverts, which are not inconsistent with the products they are producing to attract consumers. Ethical standards should be able to regulate adverts to protect the customers.

Health benefits should get considered as a critical factor in the advertisement. Toms company is an example of a company which has ensured that consumer benefits from shoe donation for health benefits. Through its campaign, it provides that children's in developing countries wear shoes when going to school to prevent infections such as worms. Companies should come clear on the benefits that are accrued by consumers through advertisements. Ethical and moral standards have protected consumers from the awful adverts from these companies.

The advertisement should be made transparent, and it should be accountable when an obligation gets broken. Transparency ensures that terms and conditions of notice are endorsed as per the customers' opinions (Moriarty et al.,2012). Toms company has experienced some difficulties by its consumers because of not being transparent enough to the public. One of the reasons behind this is because it's a non- profitable organization through it makes profits. It has refused to disclose how much profit it makes through the sale of items and the value of donations they give. It has caused controversy from its consumers who want the company to be transparent enough. Despite this, it has experienced some unethical problems towards its workers. The question was raised when a worker experienced mistreatment from the Ethiopian based manufacturing company while producing Tom's footwear. Toms company never came clear with these allegations made by consumers and workers. Transparency ensures that consumers have no doubts about the advertisement made.

Ethical responsibilities practices have ensured that consumers do not get harassed by the companies (Moriarty et al.,2012). It has guaranteed long term benefits which they have invested in the organization; an example of this organization is Toms shoe company. It has short plans and plans which it has to get accomplished. Toms company has invested in two ways, for-profit and non -profit, it has ensured that the company remains successful and the consumers' needs are well-taken care. The maintenance of ethical responsibilities will help the business so maintain its objectives; for instance, Toms is a charity organization involved in shoe donation, its establishment motive was to ensure that shoes get donated to the poor.

Despite its tremendous positive work to the people, Toms' company hurts society. The company leaves other producers jobless through its donations. It is because people are dependent on free shoes donated by this company (Raza,2017). It is a significant problem, especially for producers in third world countries. The company creates big problems while they think that they are curbing the situation. The company should involve those that are adversely affected to address it.


To sum up, the Toms shoe company was established for charitable purposes to help children who could not afford a pair of shoes. The marketing campaign has helped Toms to stay at the top of its success. Its consumers spread the organization's goodwill, therefore, attracting millions of people. It has maintained its social responsibilities up to date through the donations they make worldwide. The contributions have indeed shown that it was an aid to serve people for a better tomorrow. It has ethically met the required social standards, which have created awareness for the consumers.


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