Essay Example on Telecommunication Companies Providing Fastest Social Network Connectivity

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Date:  2023-03-02

Let think of a telecommunication company. In a telecommunication company, for example, these are the companies by which or at which they provide a social network that will reach every persons or individuals as well together in form of one fastest way or means, for example if you cannot meet the one whom you want to talk to or if you need to pass an information, and you are not near the person you intend to give or pass that information to. These brand companies were formed so that they may provide the ways and means on how you may reach or communicate as well with those who are far from as in the form of text messages or also direct calling them and having a talking regarding your message one on one. The people responded to this companies is to support them by giving what they have so that they may meet the specification to get registered to this companies. When I say to get registers I mean so that you can access these services that are offered by these telecommunication companies you need to be part of them by supporting them primarily through purchasing their services and the money or funds you use to purchase their services will later be handled by these telecommunications to improve their services to be better or to quality work. Sometimes these companies tend to be faced with some issues that at times make their way of working to be reduced and this is what makes you meet your obligations for paying the requested amount of money or funds so that you may get access to these companies' services that will satisfy you full as their client. These companies play the best and most prominent role in our current society today by or through bringing us or those or far from us together as well as making us one thing.

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Some of the levels of attentiveness that the company leaders are supposed to set are the rules that they should ensure that they are followed by every member who acquires their services. These rules should as well try to favor every individual so that they will feel that their needs are well cared for by the fact that they are getting the quality of the services that they want or that they require.

Secondly, the leaders of these companies are supposed to have the standards set. That is, they should try to be ready to fix any issue logged with them and ready to help their client at any time. By this, i mean that they are supposed to ensure that their availability to attend to their customers is high to assist their clients when they get any problem with their services. It is also good to try to acquire from the customers what they have to say so that the company can get where they have to fix some of the issues or advise them to improve their services as well. This way, they will provide a quality service to the people. So these are just a few responsibilities that the leaders of these organizations should try to meet or have.

So that these companies may be able to set the rules and the required standards that they will use to their clients as well as to themselves also as a team, they are supposed, or they get involved to their clients first and by that doing they conduct research. This research is based on to provide them with simple answered that they tend mostly to use while setting the rules. This is done by allowing their clients to either rate their quality of work, as well, it may be conducted through other means, for example, thorough or by asking their customers or clients to state the main challenge that they would like it to get improved. They also are required to as well report the quality of the service that they would seem, or they would tend to see that it is useful to them and again, this way the service providers will try as well to improve these services for a better quality one so that they will, or they may attract my client to join them as well.

On environment issues, the telecommunication companies have really made a lot of positive impacts, they may be seen when you realize that earlier, if you needed to reach someone who is far a distance from you or from where you are, you were required to use some different means that is the use of transport where you would use the fuel to transport, and this fuel in one way or the other tends to destroy the environment atmosphere. To save this, nowadays these new means of communicating with those who are far apart from us have helped us to reach the information directly and clearly while we are into our residues and without interfering with the environment anymore.

When or in some way, the company may also tend to interfere with the environment in some different ways. These may include, through the waves, that these companies tend to use. According to scientists, these waves may tend to be harmful to the environment since they cause some problems for the people who are around. These may include both socially as well as physically from the individuals who get affected by these rays or the so-called waves that make you connect one on one or together with the other person you are trying to get from the other side. Though these are the main challenge the scientist or the once who came up with these telecommunications services are trying their best to ensure that they will fix this issue to avoid these problems on the surrounding or the environments, but this seems to be impossible since it may lead to interfering with the connections or the waves that may be a challenge or a threat to the providing servers of the network. This is how this company has a side effect on the environment.

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