Essay Example on Resistance to Oppression: Everyday Forms and Hidden Transcriptions

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According to James C. Scott, everyday forms of resistances that are practiced by peasants and people controlled by dominant classes (Goldstein, 276). Resistance is aimed at reacting to oppression; it includes non-compliance, sabotage, pilfering, foot-dragging, flight, dissertation among other forms. The oppressed can ensure the dominant groups are made aware of the causes of their reaction or make the cause a hidden transcript. An example of a transcript that was made public to the elites in history is the push for better pay among the Black people in the Southern regions of America. In some cases, the subordinates can make some part of the reason public while others are hidden from their employers.

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Compare the Forms of Resistance Found Among Poor Afro-Brazilians and Young Tehranis

Resistance among the Afro-Brazilians and the Young Tehranis is expressed differently. The Young Tehrans tend to express their resistance by doing provocative acts against the tradition. Modernity and tradition in Iran seem to be in conflict, the youths, therefore, take advantage of this situation to identify themselves as modern class people (Khosravi 170). The youths exhibit non-compliance to the cultural norms to provoke the dominant groups that defy their identity in society. This reaction is a public transcript kind of reaction.

Adoption of foreign cultural behaviors such as Persian serves as a provocation to the authorities in Iran. The behaviors are expressed by youths in public places. The use of language is also utilized by the resisting youth; they use improper language in places such as parties. Improper language is the kind of language that is not in accordance with the norms of their culture (Khosravi 170). The general social order is an issue that they also disregard in protest against the dominants, they seem to be consumed by modernity and keep mocking the kind of lifestyles that authorities and rich people live. In general, pleasure is what most youth go for in resistance (Khosravi 171). Some of them are involved in organizing political movements to deal with the authorities.

On the other, the Afro-Brazilians use different forms of resistance to their authorities. Oral culture is a common practice that such people adopt; it includes the formation of humor and criticism in terms of songs and other forms of literature (Goldstein 280). Women are involved in the formation of laughing groups which turn what the authorities decide into a laughable nature. Comedians are involved in making the situation look laughable. Jokes are therefore included in criticism. Criticism of the Jewish lifestyle is one way in which resistance is achieved (Goldstein 276).

What is the dominant culture and how does it oppress these subordinate groups?

Among the Afro-Brazilians, there exist several forms of dominance; they among the causes of resistance that has been discussed above (Goldstein 283). The differences in hierarchies make more people keep fighting for power, this leads to oppression which makes individuals resist. Some races are considered not fit to be in leadership while others are considered best for leadership. The victimization against Jews is a form of racism that makes people resist (Goldstein 276). Gender is also an issue as men are considered to be productive than women. The rich are also a class of people who oppress the poor, they offer them opportunities to work but overwork them. Sexuality in most instances affects poor people in their working environments.

Among the Iranians, the rivalry between modernity and tradition make different classes of people to keep resisting each other. The founders of culture do not support modernity because they feel it covers traditional culture. The youths who seem to be vulnerable when it comes to adopting modern culture are denied their identity (Khosravi 170). Young Tehrans resist with a motive of getting the right to identity. They also resist due to the position that they are made to be in by most people; they are always subject to elder people. Most of the youths are not allowed to rule, this makes them resist the actions taken by the authorities.

How do class, crime, and religion participate in the forms of resistance particular to each?

The resistance forms that are witnessed in Afro-Brazilians are caused by religion, crime, and classes of people. The relating of some groups such as the Jews to crime makes them be regarded as bad people (Goldstein 284). The Holocaust against Jews is an illustration of crime-related violence (Goldstein 283). Religion is seen in the way Muslims are seen to be different from the general public. The rich class of people seems to regard the poor as a different class of people. The needy are discriminated while working for the rich.

The Iranians resistance also originates from criminal issues, religion matters, and class. The culture of these people requires that people who not follow it be considered as criminals. The modern people are therefore seen as criminals in the community, hence causing resistance (Goldstein 285). Religion makes the language to be standardized in a way to respect authorities who oppress youths. Most youths resist because they do not feel like they are part of the leadership class. The rich class of people also seems to underrate youths considering them not so important in taking up leadership positions at work; they, therefore, look like unprivileged class.

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