Essay Example on Population Growth

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Date:  2021-06-18

Family planning is a measure that allows couples to control the number of children and the spacing years. This method helps in stabilizing population size so as to achieve a sustainable population. Economic development helps in stabilizing population where the resources are shifted to the growth of the economy. High status for women and professional career for women is another way of stabilizing population. High population leads to great consumption of electricity leading to a high increase in coal burning that destroy the atmosphere through global warming. The suitable reduction of the population reduces the per capita consumption so as to reduce pollution (Perveen, 2004).

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The developed countries, for example, the United States and Northern America have a responsibility to help the less developed nations to stabilize their population growth. The two countries have taken some steps to help them. They include financial assistance for family planning measures such contraceptives and other methods that women in LDCs can use to control birth rate (Bjorvatn, & Farzanegan, 2013). Sustainable development by developing and improving the health centers and provide a clean environment. The developed countries send their health experts to LDCs to share their knowledge about birth control measures. They also provide them with technical expertise. Governmental on- governmental organizations such as the United Nations Fund for Population Activities helps them by giving them funds every year to fund programs of population control to reduce the growth of the population in developing nations through sustainable development and family planning measures. (Coale, & Hoover, 2015).

Population in developed and less developed countries has been declining since the year 1990. This reduction is due to the continued campaign about family planning. Research shows that almost a third of population decline has been caused by the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. The other causes are women education where they attend university, and they make their decision. With population growth the environment has been destroyed due to massive housing, migration of people to the urban center which lacks poor drainage cause the spread of infectious diseases. If the world can maintain the population which is within the earth carrying capacity sustainable development is achievable.


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