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Date:  2021-06-18


The findings yielded from the interviews to a multifaceted group of organizations extending to wholesale, banking and healthcare suggest that businesses apply similar employee motivation techniques that focus on empowering employees and making part of the decision making while maintaining open communication avenues between staff and managers. Other employee motivators companies are using include offering career opportunities, personal development and monetary incentives usually tied to a performance metric. During the interviews, managers express to use similar practices in addressing employee concerns. Managers or direct supervisor directly handle concerns and low-performance issues. They have access to resources and tools necessary to adequately address and solve this matters. Managers also coincided on using similar performance practices for evaluation and feedback. They subject employees to semi-annual and annual performance evaluations accompanied with individual coaching during individual or group sessions. Employee performance should be tied to personal, departmental and organizational goals.

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Evaluate the need for performance management improvement

An aspect that seems to be missing regarding performance improvement from the three organizations involving the interviews is to ensure the feedback to employees focuses on positive constructivism effective reinforcement of current practices and addressing areas of possible improvement offering the necessary tools to achieve them. It is imperative that managers provide this feedback in a timely manner to reinforce and maintain employee engagement. Performance expectations should be clear for the employee with specific datelines and should focus on organizational goals properly align with employee performance. Replacing semi-annual performance evaluations with monthly employee rounding sessions encourages personnel and managers to work together and identify best practices as well as opportunities for improvement.


The performance management processes employed by Costco Wholesale Organization, BMO Harris Bank and Kaiser Permanente have enabled the corporations to succeed. However, by making some changes and incorporating other performance management practices, the three companies would be more successful. For example, BMO Harris Bank would motivate their employees to work harder by also incorporating non-financial motivational techniques such as focusing on its employees personal development to their performance management process like Costco Wholesale and Kaiser Permanente. Costco Wholesale should not only ensure that their employees have the necessary tools for work but also ensure that they are well trained for the tasks they are expected to carry out. Kaiser Permanente, on the other hand, should focus on utilizing metrics that focus on rating the contribution of the business employees individually, enabling the organization to understand all their employees better and these know how to motivate them individually. The management team of the three enterprises should delegate more duties and encourage their employees to independently solve some of the minor issues that they may face at work. This would give the management team more time to focus on other matters that the firms may be facing.

Explain how necessary performance management process improvement(s) will be implements

We have identified that all three organizations need to focus more on their individual employees and allow more time for consistent and focused performance conversations to invest in their employees and create a more employee-centric culture. The biggest change we are suggesting would be the eliminate the mid-year employee performance review process and replace them with monthly check-in conversations driven by the employee vs. the manager. The employee will come prepared with an outline on their performance metrics, and the manager will help them self-identify areas of success and needed areas of improvement together then create a plan of action for that month. Making this change will allow the employees to feel more included and in control of their performance and career path, it will also enable managers to use their time more wisely by delegating the conversation preparation to the employee and eliminating the lengthy review writing process. We will implement this change first by training the managers of the organization on how to hold these coaching conversations and ensuring they are comfortable with driving these self-identifying performance based conversations. Employees will obtain training on how to gather the necessary performance metrics and document them to come prepared for these coaching sessions. Managers should collect, review and maintain documentation from these monthly coaching conversations to help create the year in review, saving the manager time in writing the review and eliminating any surprise to the employee in the report as the coaching conversations throughout the year will provide a clear picture of the employees performance. Once all personnel has received the appropriate training, this process will be kicked off with a companywide rollout presentation and be monitored by the human resources department on a go forward basis to identify any additional changes or improvements to the program or supplementary training areas.


As highlighted by the managers of the three firms Costco Wholesale Organization, BMO Harris Bank, and Kaiser Permanente. The performance of employees of any organization regardless of the industry in which the company is in is paramount. Thus it is highly necessary for firms to set motivational programs that would encourage their employees always to work hard thus benefiting themselves and the business. The motivational techniques that organizations are required to utilize are usually supposed to empower their employees, create a friendly and open relationship between the employees and the management team, and ensure that their employees focus on their duties and obligation concerning the business. Before selecting a particular motivational technique, the managers of the organizations are mandated to conduct an analysis of their employees' skills, abilities, and aspirations. The understanding of such aspects is imperative since it would enable them to know how of the most effective motivational technique to use thus ensuring that their employees are fully focused on the goals presented to them by the management team. It is also important for the management team of the company to conduct regular analysis of their employee's progress since this would help them encourage their employees to do better.

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