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Negotiation is an approach to conflict resolution and also a prerequisite for mutual understanding. In negotiation, it is important to separate the people involved from the process. This is one major concept that ought to be observed before any negotiation process starts. Separating the people from the process enables the situation to be easy to handle and manage without affecting all the people involved. Sometimes the emotion, perception, and communication involved in the negotiation process can cloud the issue at hand that is being negotiated. This is when a particular faction feels that they are oppressed or disadvantaged; individuals tend to react with emotions such as fear and anger in the course of negotiation. The absence of a clear ground in communication can cause the process of negotiation to fall apart.

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In the case study based on the strike, it is evident that there was communication in the process. Communication is key in the understanding of a situation and coming up with a conclusion that is clear. From the Case study, there were emails sent to the party members prior to the strike; this was a form of communication to make the individuals understand why there is need to conduct the strike. In the same manner, the communication enabled the managers to prepare themselves for the outcome and any damage control necessary. The managers were able to ensure that they set funds aside that would cater for the part-time workers who would make sure that the process is not interrupted at any cost. Besides, the union members, through communication, are able to understand some of the terms and clauses of their contract. This made them understand what benefits they had to be given and any other issues that they were deprived.

The second concept in negotiation is focusing on the interests of all the affiliate entities. Instead of placing more emphasis on an individual entity during the process of negotiation, it is important to put more focus on subjects that place emphasis on the common interests of people. In the long run, this will create a larger advantage on the entire team as opposed to just focusing on a single subject which may in future lead to further disagreements. Disagreements that will need more negotiations, consuming and wasting a lot of time in the long run. Respective to the strike, the negotiations involved the collective bargaining of the interests of the members. There were many settlements that were arrived at. This made sure that the interests of almost every member of the union was tackled and ensured that there was an understanding and maximum benefits came out from the negotiations by the union. In relation to the baseball teams major strike, the negotiations did not favor the interests of the entire team. This was a disadvantage that made the negotiation to fail terribly. It was important to consider the interests being served were not individual interests but group interests to make sure that the process of negotiation would not fail and a solution would be agreed upon.

Using objective criteria is equally an important concept in the process of negotiation. The use of objective criteria enables the parties in the negotiation process to develop a legal precedent and as such is based on criteria such as scientific studies and industry statistics. In this case, if both parties in the negotiation agree to the validity of the information based on the objectives, the negotiation will be worth being settled. From the UPS strike, individuals were able to come to an agreement based on the objective criteria. From the emails sent, there was an understanding to make the individual fully conceptualize the need for the strike. There was a solution, and both parties realized a win-win situation. The union gained the advantage of the entire members. They were able to secure permanent jobs for the union members. Besides, other jobs were created for those members who had no jobs even as part-time workers. Further, the union members become eligible to perform other technological advancements. This was more advantageous and beneficial to the workers to ensure that there was a common ground between the managers and the union members in ensuring there was no deprivation of anyone's interests.

The ability to identify a BATNA is among the many pieces of information that are sought by negotiators when formulating the deal making and negotiation strategies. It is important to identify your best option in case your current negotiation reaches an impasse. In most cases, negotiators understand the value of their BATNA and what comes with evaluating it (Ness, 2005). An individual's BATNA should entail a walk away option in case the deal does not provide for the negotiator. It is also a relevant consideration in the best option in order of the rank. Ranking one's option gives a negotiator the power to walk with the best deal. This enables the negotiator to have all the information at hand, and there is no need of carrying forward the meetings if there is a rank of options set aside. It is also important to ensure that one understands the other party's BATNA. Understanding the other person's BATNA will ensure that you contemplate their BATNA as your own and understand their interest and point of view.

Based on the case of the UPS strike, their BATNA entailed the creation of full-time jobs and part-time workers. This was inclusive in the negotiation of their salary to reduce the salary differential between the part time job workers and the full-time workers. Their BATNA showed a form of preparedness. This was clearly set out and also acted as an objective in the process of the negotiations. They had to set a walk away option to ensure that it is a win and win situation for them. Besides the creation of full-time jobs, they had the intention of ensuring that there was a reduction in the salary gap between the part-time and full-time workers. This gave them a better advantage when the lay out their options during the negotiation process that was set up after the strike. Their BATNA created a form of understanding among the two parties; this set out a clear communication for them that made them reach a conclusive agreement that served the interests of both parties.

In the Baseball strike, their BATNA was a salary arbitration that would make the contractors adhere to the rules. However, the negotiation on this strike failed due to the reason that there were many misunderstanding that was unresolved. The parties did not have a clear objective that they set out before their strike; this made it difficult for the negotiations to be agreed upon and followed. Also, there were no clear and interests of the entire team since it was seen that corruption had prevailed in the team (Shell, 2006). This brought about failure in their negotiation and further, there walk away option was unethical which made them not perform their end of the bargain and this had to make the legal authorities to be involved in the matter. This seemed to be time-consuming and expensive for both parties.

Many times the preparation process is one of the critical stages in the negotiation process. Most of the business activities are resolved through effective negotiations. This ensures that mutual agreements are reached upon and are resolved. Under any normal working condition, negotiation is essential when working with other staff and also having other business contacts.

Based on the UPS strike, and the creation of full-time jobs and also room for part-time workers, first, it is important to establish a proactive negotiation strategy, this should be a win- win strategy. This entails making the other part aware that there is a negotiation that should be conducted (Schneider, 2012). This will ensure that the union members have created an alarm to the managers and will not cause any legal trouble in case they opt for the strike if there is a letter for the negotiation was disapproved.

Secondly, understanding the issues that need to be negotiated between individuals and or their collective bargaining makes things easier. This calls for listening to the managers, point of view. As a chairperson of the committee, it is mandatory to ensure what issues are at par on both sides and what need to be called for before the negotiation starts. Sitting with the representatives of the managerial team and laying out their options and their concerns based on the negotiations that need to be conducted is important. This ensures that no side is disadvantaged once the negotiation process begins. This process will ensure that the negotiation goals are set for the union. This will give them a fair advantage and a negotiation opportunity for them. By having a pre-negotiation before the actual negotiation, the union will be able to predict the managers style on how the will tackle the negotiation. This will be done by using their response to quote our objectives which will make us get all the benefits as a result of countering what has been said by the parties.

Selecting a strategy on how to achieve the negotiation goals is a prerequisite for success. This will be done by actively engaging with the other party so as to ensure that the union obtains maximum benefits and that there will be no breach of the negotiation agreement in the future.

Sharing information is an important part of negotiation within round table discussions. This is one of the strategies that I would have adopted by ensuring that I achieve the best outcome. This is done by ensuring that both parties are fully aware of the union's terms and the conditions as to which the negotiations have to meet. Also, by full information, this will ensure that none of the party members is left out and all the members are satisfied. Based on the Unions strike and the negotiation result, their BATNA was the creation of full-time job and reduction of the difference in the salary gap. This will lead to a conflict between the two parties in the union who are fully employed and the ones that are part time. For fully employed. However, the full-time job employers also need a salary change, and the gap cannot be reduced because it will always bring up other misunderstandings as the full-time employees' will want a differentiated gap in their salary. By a better outcome, this implies that within the union the two parties are wholly satisfied and ensure that there will be no person that will be disadvantaged due to the reduction in the salary gap.


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