Essay Example on LGBTQ: Challenges Faced by the Community

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Date:  2023-04-23


LGBTQ is a more user-friendly initial that is used in the community to refer to different people. It is an initial that usually stands for lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, as well as queer or questioning (Eugenio Duarte, 2017). Other groups that are also included in this group are intersex, pansexual, and bigender. These groups face many challenges in society, and the most common one is harassment and threats. They are harassed because many societies have not accepted them as part of them. The main aim of this paper is to explain three ways through which the LGBTQ youth safety and security in public space could be guaranteed.

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Reforming the Adjudication Process

The adjudication process is faced with tough transitions during the transition process. The US government should ensure that it prioritizes the LGBTQ individuals and their issues so that they can solve them and ensure that they do not live in hostile environments. Adjudicators should be allowed to have discretion and ensure that standardization of the process is carried out so that they do not go into unreasonable lines of inquiry (Langson, 2017). The LGBTQ identity should also be understood by all those involved in the adjudication process, and this is mostly because some take time to accept their identity, and they may lack words to discuss this. Expediting the process of resettling and recognizing the LGBTQ refugees can also be crucial in ensuring that the safety and security of this group are taken into account. The current lack of state services for the LGBTQ group could be handled by ensuring that there are more robust and inclusive social services from society.

Support from Teachers, Staff, and Administration in Schools

Schools are great examples of public spaces where LGBTQ youths are often present, and they face different challenges in them. The best example is the fact that there is unequal enforcement of school policies when it comes to the LGBTQ youths, and they are often punished more than other students who they were caught with committing the same offenses. It is clear that victimization is present for these students, and in most cases, they lack support from teachers who, in most circumstances, mistreat them (Snapp, Hoenig, Fields & Russell, 2015). Their sexual and gender identities have been seen to affect these experiences, and this is the case that most of the LGBTQ youths end up in juvenile prisons. Therefore, receiving support from the school teachers and administration would help in ensuring that the safety and security of these youths in the public space are guaranteed.

Legislation of Laws and Bills that cover LGBTQ Rights

For the LGBTQ youths to have safety and security in the public space, different laws that talk about their rights have to be passed and put into effect. For example, the Trump administration has been seen to have moved in a direction that advocates for the passing of anti-LGBTQ bills, and this shows that their rights have been left out and are not being addressed(Eugenio Duarte, 2017). This has made it hard for them as they face different threats in the community today. The lawmakers at various levels are the local, state, or federal have to be involved in ensuring that they propose and pass different laws that protect the rights of these people and ensure that they are not also discriminated in various areas such as employment, education, housing, and public accommodations.


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