Essay Example on Global Management Practicum: A Tool for Success

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Date:  2023-05-03

Global management Practicum is a regular course requirement needed majorly for final year students to gain the required experience by integrating the learned aspects with the real-world entity. The comprehensive management practicum seeks to expose the participants to the immediate environment. During the earlier classes such as third years, learning the pre-requisite on business management practicum serves as the eye-opener for the participants. It creates the necessary awareness needed to take vital responsibilities essential for students to learn new aspects (Fass, 2013). The paper focuses on identifying the key components of global management practicum.

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Global management practicum refers to an intensive for-credit and preparatory course offered to students to expose them to global business operations. Through the practicum course, the students tend to widen their international understanding, gain workplace skills, and also get exposed to workplace skill learning by either working or studying in certain areas oversees. The most common destinations for learning global business practicum classes include the Asian global market.

Practicum curriculum gives the students the necessary insight into the various companies of interest a student is likely to face. During this period, there is a high student influx in the companies seeking for internship services. It becomes difficult for some students to get their internship applications approved. As a student finding an open free company to accept the attachment applications, most companies were already filled with students.

It can take over one month to get posted to an organization following the recent listing across the qualified internship participants. To serve as a global company is a dream for many students. In this case, the student finally gets accepted into the Ford company. The company agreement requirements are among the basic needs any participants are expected to sign before they absorbed the company. The ford company requires the participants to sign at least five memorandum agreements (Vaiman, Gallardo & Thunnissen, 2019).

After completing the interview, the applicants are informed by their industrial supervisor on the expected operational hours' time majorly referred to as shifts. The start date is suggested by the supervisor allowing the students to make necessary adjustments, such as becoming prepared to participate in a real-world practical case.


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Vaiman, V., Gallardo-Gallardo, E., & Thunnissen, M. (2019). Global talent management. Management.

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