Essay Example on Gender Stereotypes Redefined in "The Incredibles1&2" Movie

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Date:  2023-05-03

Gender stereotypes have been used in different media platforms, whereby particular demographics are considered inferior and powerless. Women and girls, in most cases, are regarded as caregivers and usually responsible for household chores. "The Incredibles1&2 movie" presents credible information change of family role is vital regardless of the gender of an individual. Therefore, the paper focuses on how to redefine gender stereotypes in The Incredibles1&2 movie.

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The Incredibles1&2 movie is a hero based family that takes the different mission of redefining the gender roles that had been usually categorized based on gender-based, leading to the promotion of stereotyping within the society. The film was established based on how women were considered as household keepers and caregivers based on their physical attributes, while men considered protectors and heroes of society. Mr.Incredible, also known as Bob Parr, his role as the head of the homestead, was redefined by managing the house and other chores as his wife Helen, also known as Elastigirl, go out to save the world. As the story opens, Bob Parr appeared ungrateful with his superheroes position making lawsuits to force him to relocate his role. While the Parr family accept their new collective position regardless of their extraordinary heroism being considered as illegal based on the value, norms, and believes of the society regarding gender roles. When gender roles and responsibilities changed, it changes perception and thus tries to eliminate stereotypes within the target audience of the film used animations that focus on multiple age demographics.

When the Parr's family got arrested, after their mission of stopping the underminers failed, their future seemed as bleak. Still, the wealthy Deavor siblings provided them with hope through rehabilitation projects to furnish the status and image of the supers by considering Helen, the female character, as a shining example within the society. Therefore, Mr. Incredible role as a superhero was changed and agreed to take complete care of the home and caregivers as Elastigirl assume new responsibilities. Mr. Incredible finds the household core and caregiving role a daunting and challenging experience since he is not used, especially when dealing with a newly born baby known as Jack-Jack. Yet, society does not recognize women's such kind of responsibility as valuable as a result of gender stereotyping influence.

The film tries to pass a message that women should also be given equal opportunities and responsibilities since they are also capable of possessing leadership skills. It is not the only man who should be entitled to leadership opportunities and considered as superheroes within society. The producer uses the Deavor's family that prominent and to enable Helen to shine.

Elastigirl had her concern to deal with menace surrounding her newly supervillain and "screenslaver." She had to establish a solution concerning the mystery of her enemy that had malevolent approaches on the world targeting Parr's family. With her assumed new role, Elastigirl had to proceed with her mission to make sure supers legalized with the aid of Winston Deavor.


In conclusion, "The Incredibles 1&2" redefines stereotyping by enabling Elastigirl, the holy hunter, as the new face of the society by showcasing her supernatural ability. Besides, Mr. Incredible becomes the household and caregivers of the family that enables him to identify challenges women usually face. The animation film changes the perception of the audience by allowing them to recognize the abilities of the people.


The Incredibles 1&2. New Animation Movies in English - Kids movies - Best Memorable Moments

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