Essay Example on Data Center Facility Risks: Power, Fire & More

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Date:  2023-03-26

Facility risks are the other type of risk that the data center might face as it is being used, and must be adequately planned for. These are the risks that affect the infrastructure of the data center, leading to inconveniences. Power and fire are the leading risk factors, whereby the data system will be affected by them, destroying it and hence leading to loss of data. Water, security, and compromise on the structure of the data system are the other aspects of facility risks that the data center faces. The best way to mitigate facility risks is the development of a structure to the data center that is capable of safeguarding it against the risks.

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The last category of the risks that the data center faces is that of the data system risk, which affects the data architecture and management. That is the core functional part of the data center, as it is dedicated to communication in the organization. Any compromise to the data infrastructure of the data center will lead to the failure to perform its primary functions for the organization. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the risk is appropriately addressed. This risk affects various components of the data center, which primarily is composed of shared servers and communication networks. When this component is compromised, then the functionality of the data center is halted. The software application, as well as data storage and backup, are the other components of the data center that might be compromised if this risk occurs. Virus attack is a secondary risk that will result if this risk occurs, as the security will be compromised, and hence the system will be susceptible to viruses. This risk can be avoided by providing bug fixes, having a backup system, shielding of shared servers, and having antivirus software for security.

For the achievement of the best results from the data center, there are some policies and best practices that the organization should consider putting into place. First is the use of software-defined networking. These models have benefits which primarily the optimization of the operating capability of the data center and the business model as well. That enhanced capability will enable the organization to get the best outcomes from the data center and boost its business activities. Moreover, another best practice is the BYOD (bring your own device), whereby employees are free to have their own superior tools. That increases their mobility as well as job satisfaction, which maximized the output from the data center in the long run (Filani et al. 2008). That is one of the trends that has been researched concerning data centers and has been associated with better results for the employees that work directly with the data center.

The use of hyper configured Infrastructure (HCI) is the other practice that can be adopted to enhance better results from the data center. That is because the hyper-configured infrastructure comes with an economic and flexibility aspect that is needed in the dynamic usage of the data center. That is all achieved without harming the functionality of the data center, which makes it a desirable addition to the data center for an organization (Peltier, 2016). The use of flash storage is another undertaking that an organization can enhance to get the best out of a data center. This type of storage is great for a data center as it is capable of improving 99.9% reliability and availability, which is inclusive of generational upgrades, maintenance, and occasional failures. Training and development of the staff that works at the data center is also advisable (Rosow & Zager, 1988). The world of technology is very dynamic; hence when the employees have obsolete skills and competencies, it will have the effect of lowering the probable capabilities of the data center or putting it at a higher risk of failure. Thus, when the above practices are implemented in an organization, the best results can be achieved from the use of the data center over time. All this can be achieved when there is collaboration among all the parties that work with the data center, or else objectives will not be met.


There are various 'green" IT trends that the organization can use to benefit the data center project and be of great help to the organization. First, is the prioritization of security for the data center, as compared to other factors (Chernicoff, 2019). Both the physical and cyber security are very important to the data center and should be planned for in the best manner possible. That is because the security of a data center is at risk from both insiders and outside parties, which justifies any efforts to make the data secure using all means possible. Shifting to connected infrastructure systems is the other trend, whereby there is the benefit of increasing the degree of operational efficiency and reduction of the risk of downtime. Usage of private cloud is taking the space of corporate cloud services, whereby organizations are using their data centers to enhance private cloud storage. These are some of the trends that are associated with data centers at the moment. Thus, the organization should adapt as fast and convenient...

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