Essay Example on Create and Uphold Technical Compliance Monitoring Framework - ICANN

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Date:  2023-02-11


The selected RFP was developed by the Internet Company for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and is petitioning suggestions to create and uphold a Technical Compliance Monitoring framework. This system will be tasked on monitoring gTLD archives and records to make sure that they adhere to the guidelines stipulated in ICANN's Consensus Policies, 2017 gTLD Base Registry Agreement as well as the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Contract. The key role of this program is to assist in improving ICANN's operations flow and proficiency. To attain compatibility of the Technical Compliance Monitoring program with ICANN's framework, it must be coded using JAVA 11 and have the capacity of running on CentOS 7. The system must also use MariaDB as the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and have the ability to be loaded onto the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) if required.

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The code should be configured to Google Java StyleGuide, be suitably recorded, object-based, and be prepared for storage in the cloud system. The code configuration should occur in the Apache Maven and have the capacity of using Spring Boot as boot loader. Another thing to note is that communication networks utilized in the Technical Compliance Monitoring system are expected to use Transport Layer Security to conduct encryptions for the communication systems. The tracking framework is expected to satisfy the cybersecurity fixed code review and the Netsparker assessment (Duch, 2005). Additionally, safety testing by an eligible firm must be undertaken on the tracking program and the outcomes posted to ICANN. The tracking program will then be loaded and pressure verified before being launched.

Evaluation of the Procurement Statement of Work

The work to be undertaken on each procurement is referred to as the statement of work. This declaration must be concise, clear and complete. It should also illustrate the work and actions that the supplier is expected to complete. Some activities entail reports, meetings, and communications. The nature of the procurement statement of work imminent in the RFP details how the work will be attained and the parties responsible for its completion. Procurement statement of work is needed because it outlines the tasks needed in a contract. Tasks are the most fundamental aspect of this guideline because they illustrate the roles of the supplier. They are often included in a list form. ICANN is pursuing a provider with skills of designing an RFP. This document will assist in initiating the process of application for inherent top-level domains. ICANN is a global non-profit company.

Procurement statement of work is also needed to explain about the deliverables. A deliverable is any product or service that must be delivered to the customer. Another reason for the statement of work is to illustrate the schedule. Every project has a timeline as a key requirement. Therefore, the start and end of a project must be entailed in the statement of work (Sollish & Semanik, 2011). The statement is also needed to define coordination requirements. Since a project does not exist in a bubble, stakeholders must be well-coordinated and be informed about the processes. Laws, regulations, and standards are fundamental necessities of a statement of work. Most projects are directly impacted by government laws. Additionally, certain standards are set and must be properly specified in the statement of work to ensure compliance.

Selection Criteria and Method Utilized for Choosing Winner Proposal

ICANN's capability to steadily track adherence to its outsourced parties is in tandem with ICANN's goal of supporting a steady, vigorous, and strong exceptional identifier system. The resolution to choose a supplier as a result of this RFP will be grounded on, but not restricted to the selection standards are the capacity and skills, with the inclusion of competence and accessibility of major personnel, recommended adoption strategy, flexibility, and responsiveness (Porter-Roth, 2002). Those aspects are expected to operate with ICANN precise conditions, contract conditions, value, procedure, monetary value/cost, value-added services, reference checks, and mitigation of risks that may occur.

In a similar way that ICANN can influence superior workflow, there is an approach to choose a winning bid. The group needs to assess the vendors' demand and adhere to the set guidelines. Compromise is a crucial stage in the contract. The requesting vendor might have extra demands and the vendor may reply and have the capacity to deliver the required aspects before the decision is finalized. It is crucial to allocate time while establishing a rapport with the other gatherings to comprehend how the program can advance and profit both groups. One of the approaches utilized is to examine the capacities, monetary influence, and legitimacy (Strother, 2002). The other approach is to define the influence of potential gain or loss which concerns whether the product or service is readily available. Other approaches include ascertaining the possible costs clients are keen to compensate for the amenities that ICANN can offer and conducting due diligence so that the parties can be able to predict the other party's expectations of the system.

Nature of Agreement Utilized in the RFP

The contract seems to be a fixed price because there is no data on a revenue foundation, or any aspect detailing cost variables. However, it mentions price discrepancy but not grounded on profit; it is established so that bidders can select their payment plans. It is viable to a selected fixed price for this plan because it entails aspects that are utilized internally, which are bound to not make a profit at all. This contract is for a software system, a model for the firm to track its certificates and guarantee that they are updated and viable. It is also straightforward and has well-defined user guidelines.

A Request for Proposal is a document that implores proposal, usually made through a bidding procedure, by a firm or representative party interested in procurement of a product or service. It is used for multi-faceted plans. The document varies depending on the nature of the project and the reviews conducted. A fixed-price contract is a pact that offers parties a cost that often not changeable, it remains static (Martin, 2010). The only instance this is permitted to transform is where certain guidelines are provided. Some of the instances include defective pricing, economic rating, or an agreement transformation. In this project, RFP possesses a fixed price treaty, which would indicate that they compensate a particular quantity without doubts that it might change sooner or later. Therefore, the real motive of a fixed value RFP is an entreaty of a plan that is delivered with the marked price being the actual price. No changes can be made in the contract. In reality, the agreement is entitled to make everything clear including the costs and details of the project.


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