Essay Example on Construction Management: Exciting Major to Pursue & Diverse Math Forms

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Date:  2023-08-08

Construction management is one of the exciting majors to pursue. It equips with a vast range of skills prerequisites in management, coordination, and, at the same time, supervision of construction projects from start to finish. It encompasses scheduling, budgeting, as well as the management of materials and people holistically. In construction management, there exists a diverse range of mathematical forms underpinning much of the work happening in the construction industry.

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One of the fundamental ways in which mathematical knowledge applied in construction management is estimation purposes. Construction cost estimation is merely a systematic process of forecasting the cost incurred in the erection of a physical structure. There is usually a worry that may emanate from the cost overruns and failure of project completion. It is thereby essential to estimate the entire cost of the project before moving to the next phase.

Reasonable estimates are vital in the sense that it inhibits the builder from losing a significant amount of money and, at the same time, assists the customer from overpayments. It aids in routinely doing cost estimates probable for all kinds of projects ranging from new structure erection to remodeling. Failure to draft a competent and reliable cost estimate may come with detrimental results Accuracy of the construction plan depends on the plan itself and the skills required. It also depends on the experience of the estimator and, at the same time, the accuracy of cost estimation (Jackson, 2020).

Also, budgeting techniques are applied in the construction management major. A reasonable budget is sufficient enough to catapult the entire project in attaining its goals and soaring to the greater heights. The creation of a sound budget requires more than ordinary mathematics—any small deviation results in total awry. A proper comprehension of the work being executed is vital since all that is necessary to be performed is done within a given scope of work. Budgeting encapsulates the costs that may emanate from the labor costs, materials being used, equipment such as the mixer, and the design permits.

Mathematical skills applicable in construction management is useful in the analysis of the productivity at large. In real-life situations, time may be equivalent to money, and the same case applies in construction management. Productivity tracking and the completion percentage won't operate in a vacuum without the knowledge of mathematics. The production rates can be calculated based on what is embedded in a budget. Failure to engage in tracking productivity is a direct plunge into a dark tunnel of negative surprise all over. Productivity may be generally influenced by certain aspects, such as technology utilization and the best practices at the site.

The other crucial math-oriented skill that is suitable and applicable in construction management is accounting. The knowledge of accounting that bolsters in the construction management acts as an impelling force to other vital processes. It also essential in the determination of the funds that influxes and outflux, i.e., money in representing the income and revenues and money out representing the costs and expenses.

Students are equipped with the fundamentals applicable in accounting for profitability and productivity. Moreover, as a result of that, it assists in knowledge expansion, which is vital in the tracking of profitability. It also contributes immensely to the determination of how much amount has been spent in the construction management operations. It also helps in the decision of the amount lagging before completion of the project. It also encapsulates the accounting for the payments that are being made to the subcontractors with the upcoming costs (Halpin & Senior, 2011).

Construction accounting is applied in various facets as it is taught in the construction management major. Job costing is an example of an application where a detailed snapshot of the details regarding the profitability of a given contract. It ensures that the final service price is vital enough for covering all the overhead expenses with a view of ensuring that profit is attained. Moreover, it is applicable in the construction domain and is known for its simplicity. At the same time, the percentage of completion is applied in the construction account. It assists in the contractual understanding of the capability of a project to the general output.

Finally, mathematics in construction management major is encapsulated in dimension scaling. Construction projects chiefly exist solely in paperwork. It acts as a blueprint of what is geared to be erected in the real ground. Entirely in the construction process, there is an essential reference for the drawings with specific scale dimensions and at the same time with various designs.


The proportion in a drawn form is sentimental for the estimation of some fundamental qualities, on side coordination and site surveying. The mathematical application is not unique, but only the use of basic multiplication and geometry. Failure to follow pure mathematics on the paperwork can lead to the toppling of the entire building or even the generation of unrealistic premises. Mathematics is thereby essential though someone should not necessarily be good in mathematics to be a proper constructor.


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