Essay Example on Companies Use Social Media for Reputation, Growth & Success

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Social media facilitate the online reputation for most companies. The platform has an aspect of growth and success because of the ability to reach out to all clients with just a click of a button. Most companies can interact with the clients, and that is why this platform is essential due to the fast-paced world. Organizations use social media to please the existing clients and attract more than walk through the establishment (Boege 202). Companies also use short and extended content, such as videos and photos, to promote their brands. Today more and companies are using social media to tap the talent and innovation to blossom and connect to the right customers. But the question here is how does a social media platform create sense and solve the problems of the community? The essay will argue that the use of social media in companies is beneficial.

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In 2010, one company by the name SuperValu noticed that it is growing. Since the company has grown in 44 states and employed more than 135,000 employees, the management decided that it needs to maintain its brand and share ideas to the customers (Orchard 332). Like any other company, SuperValu had a lot of silos because of the acquisitions and the pocket humming that makes the business independent. The only way they could win is by engaging the company into another platform. The company committed itself with internal social media tools hoping to foster collaboration and cooperation with the nearby provinces. At first, SuperValu used the Yammer software to increase its sales (Orchard 339). However, after realizing that most companies are using social media to connect and tap to talent and customers, they decided to engage in the platform.

A survey conducted by the Corporate Executive Board discovered that businesses listed in the fortune 500 companies are spending money to engage themselves in the social media platforms (Shin, et al., 64). Similar to that, a survey conducted by the Towers Watson and Co. foundations added that 69 per cent of companies that knew about social media by 2012 planned to use them in their later days. When they see what is going on around countries around them and how successful they are and wonder why they have not engaged themselves. Shin et al., also discovered that even though SuperValu uses Tammer for internal collaboration and well as to create workgroups, it committed itself to connect to different chains that have the same purpose (p.72).

How Social Media is Misused Badly

According to social media experts, most companies create a social media platform to fanfare its employees (Kranenburg 245). The first problem is that many users post comments based on the topics they see. Instead of becoming a platform for productive talks, it turns out to be boastful, and this affects the productivity of employees. As a result, the senior managers delete the conversation strings, remove the users from the platform and then declare that the platform has failed (Kranenburg 250). Sometimes the company loses its credibility when they decide to shut down the platform.

Benefits of Using the Social Media

Success First, Platform the Second

Surprisingly, the Corporate Executive Board discovered that there is a correlation between the real-world results and the type of technology used. In short, the social media platform does not matter; what is valuable is how it is implemented. Ironically, a study conducted discovered that firms spend about 90 per cent of their finances to choose a marketing platform. Only ten per cent succeeded to find and implemented (Vafeas 44). The first and best way is by generating the social media plan and developing a road map of success.

Building Employee Culture and Loyalty

In 2010, Southwest Airlines engaged itself in social media and built its connection among the nomadic and scattered workforce (Ross 178). The company began by encouraging the workers to connect their Facebook pages to the station of the airport. The company also gave the workers the freedom to choose whether the page will be publicly used or private. When the company was constructing the 405 snarled transport system, they used the pages of the employees to update their progress to get traffic (Ross 182). The Southwest also launched the intranet that allowed the employees to create their photos, comment on the strategies and load photos whenever they had office birthday parties. Out of the 43,000 employees, eight thousand created their profiles and sent over 34,000 comments since 2010, particularly about the airline's new crop of aeroplanes Boeing 737 (Ross 194). The practice reinforced their culture and created an interaction with all the employees.


Social media can generate ideas from the file and rank, but the thoughts disappear because the system has not been creating to get the best ones. Usually, when social media is not used correctly, it cannot help in growth and development. When people don't post interesting comments on these platforms, then social media does not become useful. In other words, social media does not become valuable if it is not well implemented.

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