Essay Example on Colombia: Unique Food & Culture Experiences

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Date:  2023-02-11

Colombia just like any other country in the world it has its culture. The people of Colombia have unique activities as per their culture as well as their foods. This country is situated in America and washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country, therefore, has its special foods depending on the region in the country and unique cultures.

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Beginning with what is taken as food, you realize that, most meals that are eaten by the middle-class people in this country reflect the traditions of Spain. In Colombia, a typical meal is not identified by its content, but rather its size (Talwar and Jennifer 345). They take what they term as substantive midday lunch, and then this is followed by a light meal in the evening. Their dinner is often heavy and it consists of a variety of foods, which include; Fresh fruits, a soup that must be homemade as well as the main dish, which is normally accompanied by fish or meat plus rice or potatoes. Special dishes taken during the holidays. A jiaco is a meal that is associated with capital; pasteles, on the other hand, is served during the religious holidays. Low-income people often eat carbohydrates more than any other nutrients like proteins and vitamins. Most families especially the middle-class families often end their meals with a sweet dessert, which is prepared from a type of brown sugar called panela. However, it is important to note that there are changes in the various foods depending on the region. For instance, in the rural area, the best breakfast meal must contain; rice, a strip of pork, beans, sweet plantains as well as a big steak accompanied by fried eggs. Dinner is less the same as the breakfast but most of the time it lacks the fried eggs. In the coastal regions, they like seafood more than any other food. On the other hand, a typical lunch in a region called Cartagena must contain fried plantains, rice with coconut as well as shrimp. Generally, almost the entire nation of Colombia citizens enjoy both national as well as international cuisines and they like taking a lot of liquor, coffee as compared to milk or wine.

Besides the foods that, they eat they also take part in numerous activities that include; economic activities (Garzon et al.65). On this point of economic activities, it is important to note that, a large percent of the economy of Colombia depends on agricultural exports as well as manufacturing. Although the economy depends on agricultural exports, that are produced domestically. The agriculture sector also, on the other hand, depends on the expensive machinery like the tractors, generators, mowers and other expensive machinery that are imported from other countries. The major agricultural products that they produce include bananas, cut flowers, coffee as well as sugar.

Colombia is also very special and unique because of some of the things like for instance; being light-skinned in Colombia is associated with Spanish (Miville and Marie 60). The urban professionals, upper classes as well as some of the middle-class people prefer to dress like the elites of the United States of America. On the other hand, conservative dark suits are preferred by; men and women of mullato, mestizo and white on the other hand. However, individuals who come from the rural areas of Colombia put on the same clothes both in the fields and at home. More often women in Colombia wear loose-fitting skirts and men, on the other hand, put on loose0fitting trousers. In the rural highlands, especially during the winter season both men and women wear cloaks.

In Colombia, special dishes are often taken during the holidays. A jiaco is a meal that is associated with capital; pasteles, on the other hand, is served during the religious holidays. Finally, it is important to note that most Colombian citizens like taking a lot of liquor, coffee as compared to milk or wine. They are also good in manufacturing in industries as well as in agriculture since these are the backbones of their economy.


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