Essay Example on Carmen Maria Machado: Exploring Women's Cognitive Dysphoria

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Date:  2023-01-11

There is no doubt Carmen is one of the best writers in the aspect of cognitive dysphoria. I found myself thinking about how all Machados protagonists succumb to so much social violence, lust, love, but always have a great will that races over hard paths. According to the Machados in her book "her body and other parties" and especially in the "Especially Heinous" the characters find themselves in a somewhat supernatural version of themselves. the women characters, in particular, find themselves in a state where they are forced to doubt their own minds and hence find themselves testing their own trust. This works perfects because as we review the author writing is sensuous and embodied. This essay intends to bring a clear critic on Machado's work on the book "her body and other parties" but I will put more focus on "Especially Heinous".

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To start off my essay, I'm against women violation by media. There a clear plutonic admiration and respect between the male detective and female which refreshes our mind in the outcome of their attraction. Reading "Especially Heinous" gives a clear understanding and look at violence against women by the media. Regarding the book woman violence by media is major as the book make us understand that sexist violence might never change as long as people still are still considering torturing women as entertainment. I think from "Especially Heinous" we view women violence to be in two main categories in the popular medium which is primary in movies and on TV. The representation of women as cruelly dehumanized in the name of entertainment or rather being tortured in the book is being epitomized in the story and I think that this is gory, cruel, graphics and revolting (Guynes, p. 70). Using violating women is a very dark and twisted way of 'escaping' from the realities of their normal life and it's the reason people read such a book.

According to Cochrane he regards both men and women as curved up, gutted and decapitated. The violation against women is more troubling in "Especially Heinous" because there this was extreme violence and sex collide. Taking a look at the book psychopath characters always makes the reservation of the sexual torture for the female character victims and the book takes female victims' sexuality in the front line and central to their character identity. "she is sexier dead than alive" here we get a clear understanding the worrying resonance of torture porn. This to many people can be very thrilling but it plays a significant role in the porn signposts something which spurs the feeling of sexual satisfaction and arousal. "Especially Heinous" increasing representation of sexual characters simply implies that the media seem to allow women to control their personal sexuality which seemingly is scary.

The "Especially Heinous" gives us less sensational but widespread violence against women by the media. This certainly disturbing and hence this kind of violence is partly presented but clearly shows the key main conflict (Guynes, p. 70). This is more of a crime committed against the female victim who certainly deserves justice rather than having a foregone conclusion which result from the twisted agenda by the psychopath character. Women sexuality violation I would consider as a taboo subject and not very many people even talk about it on a daily basis. This quite mysterious and unusual hence it's painful for me to say that there is no pleasure in reading about women getting hurt.

Looking at the detective aspect of 'Especially Heinous' Its clear to state that in a word that is dominated by police officers who harass and sexually assault one another, even worse fail to respond when women go missing and hence ignore tips of people violating and killing them, audience are desperate to see a good cop character (Guynes, p. 70). A world where judges give rapists probation, and some lawyers traumatizing women during abuse and sexual assault trials through taking these women character to humiliate them on the stand. This clearly shows as that position is one of the key roles in the justice system.

Taking a look at the "Especially Heinous" detective Olivia is a very strong woman character and she is out there to seek justice for all the victims she comes across and she finds a way to avenge the rape committed to her mother (Machado,2017). Her partner also hates women who have the intent to hurt women and both of them are after making the criminals pay and in most instances they succeed. But when it comes to dealing with violence against women victim the real world tends to fail so we have no choice but turn to law and order with the hope that maybe all it's not bad.

Moreover, based on the sexist and racist structure of the chapter I noted that only white and traditionally very beautiful and attractive women make it on television and media. The violation victim in the most instance is typically beautiful and white who should be sympathized with and not the bad girls who the audience blame for her attack and my concern is on the victims of race and color, the immigrants, poor women, those who break the law (Machado,2017). Hence, I would regard "Especially Heinous" as an unbelievable narrow profile of the women victim that basically strengthen stereotyping and intends to bring along the social hierarchies.

As much as I have hated in the chapter "Especially Heinous" for the disseminating rape myths and stereotypes. There is a need to credit where it is deserved. On the chapter, there is a string of the transwoman who kills somebody in her self-defense. She is convicted but because she was a transgender and according to the state, they regard her as a man she is taken to a male prison. She is cruelly gang raped which is a lead to the question that if the law really pays attention to the transgender people and what does the law do in that regards.

In regard to "Especially Heinous" there is quite some similarities with characters Cepeda faced feminism violation in the book "The Bird of Paradise" by Raquel Cepeda connecting to race and gender abuse to women we also view how she experience struggles in her life and we see the instance of sexual abuse to her mother who is distant from her, she is sexually abused by men who took advantages of her(Raquel, 2014). She also struggles against her father who wanted her to deny the Dominican destiny and he treated her poorly. And later saves her father from heart disease and reviewing women importance and hence they should not be violated by media.


In conclusion violation against women by the media can be disgusting and gratuitous and at the same time, it can be compelling. This can be preposterously very sensational but also accurate which ripped from many headlines based on the book "her body and other parties" and especially in the "Especially Heinous" which is rooted from a reality that benefits us from acknowledging but there is basically no simple answer on how to deal with woman violation by the media. People spend time watching there favorite tv shows but its high time they ask themselves why sexual violence was added in Storyline? What are the realities about them? What is the reflection of these characters and the world we live in? and most significantly does how do I feel after consuming it.

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