Essay Example on a Glimpse at POWERCHINA: An Overview of a Top Construction Company

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A Construction company is a type of enterprise, business, or organization created to construct a wide variety of developments, buildings, housing, roads, pavements, motorways, and other types of construction projects. Some of the top construction companies worldwide include Kiewit, Bechtel, and POWERCHINA. The paper is premised on the discussion of POWERCHINA Company and its associated projects, among other issues.

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A Brief Description of POWERCHINA Company

The company was founded in September 2011. The Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) has been engaged in the core business areas of electricity and water, thus established itself as the leading company in the hydropower industry abroad and also in China. Power China is a global leader in photo-volcanic, wind, and hydropower generation (Lake Chad Basin Commission n.p).

Type of Projects performed by the Company

The company has actively participated in overseas projects such as China-Laos Railway Project, Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Project, and the Pakistan Qasim coal-fired plant project. POWERCHINA has been involved in the construction of renowned hydropower and water conservancy projects, including the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project on Yellow River and the South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Project. It designed and constructed the Corps Agricultural Construction Sixth Division's 21,100 Mw Project, which is one of the world's largest ultra-supercritical air-cooled units. It also designed and constructed China's first 1,000 megawatts intelligent ecological power station-Laizhou Power Plant in Shandong province. The company equally completed the Southeastern Shanxi-Jingmen 100 kilovolts UHV AC Transmission Project with the highest class voltage worldwide and the Hami South-Zhengzhou 800Kv UHV AC Transmission Project with the most extensive transmission capacity.

The Breadth and Services of the Company

The company has the ability to manage complex, large projects and to provide a one-stop service in hydropower, water conservancy, wind power, thermal power, and civil engineering, and transportation fields. POWERCHINA deals with power engineering construction, highway engineering construction, urban planning engineering constructions, and construction of water conservancy, and hydropower projects. It is leading in terms of surveying, engineering, and design projects. It owns export and import rights. It is equally proficient in business models and operational strategies like BOT, PPP, FEPC, and BT. The POWERCHINA Company has also undertaken more than 80 percent of the surveying, planning, and design of medium and large hydropower projects in China. The company holds over 65 percent of the country's construction market plan and more than 50 percent of the world's medium-sized and large water conservancy and hydropower construction market (Zhang and Mohan n.p). It is also a major player in the revision and drafting of regulations and technical standards for China's wind and hydropower construction. It has built over 200 large and medium-sized hydropower stations. It also has a total of more than 200 million kilowatts installed hydropower capacity.

The Dollar Volume of Work done each Year

The total installed capacity of POWERCHINA's hydropower investment is 107,10 MW, of which 3570 MW is for use, 5550 MW at the preliminary study stage, and 1590 MW under construction (Zhang and Mohan n.p). The company generated an amount of $32.7 trillion in revenues from last year. It was previously ranked position 182, with a revenue of $61,224.00, and a revenue percentage change of 13.7% (Zhang and Mohan n.p). This resulted in a profit of $803.8 million and a profit percentage change of -15.1%, making assets to be at $123,815.20 (Zhang and Mohan n.p). The company has 185,269 employees in total.

The location of the Company's Offices

The company has its headquarters in Eurasia, Istanbul, Turkey. It also has many other subsidiaries. Some of them include Dianjian International Finance Limited, POWERCHINA Real Estate Group Ltd, Dianjian Haiyu Limited, and China Water Conservancy Ltd, etc.

The Company's Subsidiaries

The company has many subsidiaries. Some of the subsidiaries include The POWERCHINA Recourses Ltd, Sinohydro Bureau 5 Co., LTD, Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co., Ltd, Hydro-China Corporation, Sinohydro, Dianjian Haiyu Limited, and the POWERCHINA Real Estate Group Ltd which operates all real estate development projects. It also provides housing renovation, real estate brokerage, property management, housing loans, real estate brokerage, and other services (Zhang and Mohan n.p). POWERCHINA Real Estate Group provides its services throughout China, Powerchina Chengdu Engineering, and the Powerchina Northwest Engineering, which constructs and designs water conservancy and hydropower engineering, roads, large bridge, and tunnels.

My Preference for the Company as a Place of work

My preference for the company as a place of work is due to its high quality, comprehensive construction services to the customers. It offers total customer satisfaction by offering customer value-added services at competitive prices. The values of the company, such as cost leadership, detailed management, corporate citizenship, and customer satisfaction, make the company the best place of work. The company's sense of diversity is also another issue of admiration. It invites employees from all corners of the globe and appreciates their difference while holding to high ethical and moral standards of work.


In summary, POWERCHINA exists as a company whose reputation can be reflected in its successes and the manner in which it interacts with the customers and the employees. It is a company that ensures comfort to everyone, be it to the employees in the workplace through the appreciation of their diversity or on meeting and adjusting to the preference of their clients. As such, an in-depth discussion about the company has been conducted from various fronts, as noted herein.

Works Cited

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