Essay Example on 11-Year-Old Traveling: Sees Transforming Ideas and Concepts

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Date:  2023-01-04

Every day innovators are introducing new products which are changing how the world operates. More initiatives have been established so that the world can be more sustainable. This has inspired toward some social, economic, and political changes. In literature, transformative changes have led to the creating of new sets of ideas and concepts. This transformation has created new notions that scholars use when reconstructing and analyzing a literary theory.

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When I was eleven, I traveled to China to visit my grandfather. At that period, I was suffering from a mole which was located on the face. As such, he took me to a small local barber so that he can remove the mole from my face. According to the grandfather, the mole was as a sign of bad luck, which may affect my life. He insisted that the mole looked like a tear. According to the ancient Chinese, mole greatly illustrates how someone life will be. However, most of them act as a warning, especially when it is associated with actions. Through the warning, a person can easily understand how one can overcome it. However, some of these moles are associated with 'good' things. These moles that are associated with good things mostly occurs in a hidden part of the body.

Additionally, the color of a mole can easily be associated with either bad or luck. For instance, when a mole is black or red, Chinese states that it is associated with luck. On the other hand, when a mole is made of a mix of color, these people state that it is a sign of bad luck. Based on my mole location, grandfather associated it with a weak relationship, especially with relatives, hard life, and other bad things. In order to prevent me from facing a bad life, he suggested that he should take me to a barber when the mole can be removed. For one to be considered that he can remove the mole, they were required to have a certain divine power.

At the shop, the barber was an aged person who looks as if he has more information about Chinese cultural practices. When removing the mole, the barber deployed a strong force, especially when he was using a shape material. At first, the barber numbed the region where the mole was located with anesthesia. The process took a few minutes. During the process, the barber would regularly say, "it is good you have taken the action early, I have seen a large number of people who have suffered after ignoring this factor." Due to the professionalism when removing the mole, a large number of people appeared to be removed. As such, this was his main source of income. The process was so painful, but I had to stay strong so that I can correct any form of misfortunate which was associated with my life.

During the process, a laser beam penetrated on the top parts of the skin where the mole was located. When putting this laser, the barber has enacted some energy. So that the barber can finish every pigment on the mole, he used various lasers which were made of different wavelengths. In most cases, the type of laser a barber use depends on the level of the color of the pigment. A CO2 laser was used to remove the existing color of the mole. Since my mole was made of black color, the activity took only one session to be completed. As such, I was required to protect the region of the skin from direct sunlight for a period. When I was going out, I used to apply sunscreen so as to prevent any ray of sun from reaching the mole. The process took several weeks to heal. However, the area where the mole was removed left a mark. As such, a scab formed immediately after the mole was removed. In order to completely remove the mark, my grandfather suggests that I should apply some makeup which matches my face color.

The event was a key aspect that would affect my life. The kind of life I live currently would totally different from what I would live if I had the mole on my face. When my grandfather was explaining the concept, he focused on how the mole may negatively affect my life. According to Chinese culture, the removal of a mole is more effective, especially if it was done when a person is still young. In this case, a person has not exposed to some much life activities. Hence, there is a high chance that a child can retrieve his/her life if the mole is removed early enough. Normally, the transformative narrative has a great impact on how a person reacts a certain concept. In this case, I had to effective agree with the idea since I believed that my grandfather was so much informed as compared to me. Therefore, he has more information about various consequences which are associated with such an issue.


In conclusion, communities have ideas and perception toward various signs and aspects. Most of these signs are either associated with good or bad things. Mole is an example of an aspect which is linked with bad and good life based on where it is allocated. In most cases, face mole was highly linked with a bad life, and thus, removing was the only solution. This was a transformation technique one could experience one a mole is removed. If the sign is not removed, one was likely to face a hard life in the future. The transformative cultural action effective affects social interaction between different groups of people. The impact of a cultural perception may be so crucial, especially when the trend of a certain concept is associated with social life.

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