Essay Example: Breaking the Law

Date:  2021-04-01 11:21:33
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The letter of the law is one of the most significant methods through which people can be governed, and a fair but very intricate justice system can seek to settle the squabbles that happen as people interact with each other. There is no doubt of the value of the law as the law has been a part of human culture from the very beginning of society. It is, however, imprudent to think that law is static. Far from it, the law is a construct of the opinions of people. It defines what is acceptable for one to be a member of society. It also gives leeway for certain changes to be made in a bid to correct an oversight or include ideas that may have been discriminative. There is a justifiable cause for a person to break the law.

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If history is any mark, there have been individuals who have broken the law, sought to protest, ran, killed and even stolen in a bid to correct an ill in the system. Individuals who take it upon themselves to see to it that certain discriminative laws are banished often have valuable and very present reasons to make their protest against certain policies. An international symbol of peace and an ex-convict is Nelson Mandela. His fight for independence saw the law of the day sentence him to 27 years imprisonment. While the law had prevailed, his release after such a long time saw the achievement of independence of South Africa and a face that represented Peace, Love, and Unity.

The law is a multi-faceted discipline. It offers all persons an equal opportunity to influence the way they are governed and even advance certain freedoms that may not have been included. There are steps within the law that offer channels for such influence. However, most of the bills that are passed for consideration, especially those that undermine tradition and promote liberal thinking often realizes challenges the way of life of society. It may, therefore, threaten the very fundamental functions of society. Given this predicament, it is sometimes inherent that the law is changed from without the system.

Society is a multifaceted system that aims to accommodate all parties within it, socially, culturally, politically and even economically. The different connotations that are developed and implemented in society are among some of the most influential products of society. Culture usually takes a predominant influence. The products that are developed in society are among some of the purest expressions of culture. The products that are discussed when culture is a context include, literary works, paintings, music, and drama. These are among some of the most social, economically and politically influential products of society.

These products often give rise to a much different competing interest in the societal context. One such competing agenda is discrimination based on gender, sexuality, and race. The products that are developed within a society define the values and traditions of society. It is important to note that these stereotypes usually affect the social context in which certain parties can voice out their concerns or take part in the general development and enhancement of society. Time and again, the woman has fallen behind when it comes to gender development and race. The different stereotypes and cliches that are formed in society have made it difficult for marginalized groups too, get jobs, and pursue certain dreams or even vote.

Given the unfair nature through which the law accommodates new perspectives and guarantees freedoms for different people, it is may be plausible for a person to break the law and find just reasons in their decision to do so. The only influence that must be put into perspective in such an endeavor is to ones understanding of the law. While the law is not universally applicable, it often uses much legal jargon and is designed in the most intricate manner. It is, therefore, imperative that as one seeks to address certain issues that they feel may not have been put into the letter of the law, they have extensive knowledge of the law.

Time and again persons of different race and gender have laid down their lives to try and influence their society through actively protesting certain law or even breaking said law. In many instances, these individuals often end up detained and charged shortly after. It is, however, important to note that there are instances where this desire to correct a mistake is sometimes taken out of proportion. Breaking the law may sometimes lead to inconsolable mistakes and tragedies. Some of the ideas that people have do not make for good markers for moral or ethical practice. It, therefore, is important to look into other channels to find justice. There are more ways that persons can interact with each other to see justice is delivered. One must make at least first attempt to seek justice within the system. Should this fail, finding a rational and justifiable alternative is often the perfect and only recourse?

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