Essay Exampe on British Airways: A Model of HRM Strategies & Growth

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The British Airway is a modern travel company that remains the top UK firm in this industry in terms of employee working and welfare systems. Human resource management (HRM) is among the crucial assets that an organization like British Airways depends on the enhancement and its success. HRM strategies are changing into an essential aspect in the manner of developmental and resource utilization. The HR department of British Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 is liable for the management of the various factors that affect the works, staff, and their work dwellings (BritishAirways, 2015). There are currently great welfare activities that keep the British Airways intact to the staff workers; among these activities are the International Relation (IR) and the HRM. The two actions have the same goal: to ensure a diverse professional engagement and guest handling at the Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1. The British Airways' annual reports present the flexibility of the labor markets within the Aviation TAL034-1 referral one department. Legislative and personal issues of the workers are strictly checked into (BritishAirways, 2015). This report aims to identify the various IR and HRM actions employed by the British Airways Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 in the maintenance of staff working environment with a depth look into the reaction of the affected staff with relevant examples.

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Operation System

British Airline Company operates in an exemplary way through various leadership styles. The interactive leadership style dominates the employee engagement activities. Within Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1, workers are led by multiple senior staffs who have mandated the HR management (BA Human Resource, 2020). The human resource manager ensures that the employees get the best working environment, interaction within themselves, and other senior and junior staff members. The human resource manager is to recruit new employees and orient them into Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 (BA Human Resource, 2020). Besides this role, the HR manager organizes the training programs and dictates every category of workers' expectations. The allocation request of necessary resources at the HR manager's hand, and therefore, employees get the best training kits and facilities required to attain full capacity professionalism.

At British Airways, the employees are considered the significant inputs and the turnover determinants. Therefore the ideas, innovations, and thoughts are taken into account very seriously, motivating the em[loyees at work (BA Human Resource, 2020). There is legitimacy in Aviation TAL034-1 referral, where employees' views and needs are reached out, and responsive action is taken. The company helps check professional and personal workers' issues whether the channel is legislative complying or not. The workers, in this case, feel that they are secure and work efficiently for the company. However, the company is also strict tp un-legislative actions by the employees, and this maintains ethics withing the Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 (BritishAirways, 2015). Every time British airways require induction of order, the human resource manager is directed, and a job matrix is formulated. This leaves the company's best impacts- employees take the regulations positively from the calm dictation methods (Locus, 2020).

Participative Leadership Style by British Airways

In the approach of the more consistent and democratic employee interaction, the leaders at British Airways consider an open-minded attitude towards the actions done either to or from the employees. It is an evelovemt strategy that the airline transport company favors the employee's comfortability during their decision-making process (Locus, 2020). The decisions involve two groups firsts are the executive and nest are the employees who play a significant role in the implementation. The leader-subordinate relation is kept positive through the approval of efforts and rewards of such actions. At British Airways, the opinion is more considered that other factors during a strategic compelling. With this leadership style approach, the transport company has dismantled the operations at Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 (Locus, 2020). The leaders appointed to lead in the engineering, flight operations, people, legal, safety, business units, branding, and customers (TestmyPrep, 2020).

Situational Leadership Style

British airway' human resources relay the practice of situational handling of emergencies, risks, and any occurring needs. The motivation of the subordinate is multidirectional, and the standard requirements are first solved (TestmyPrep, 2020). The composition of the corporate section at Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 involves a board of directors, leadership team, and a council of independent auditors to make sure there is dual consideration of the company and worker benefits. Every action taken is ethical and satisfactory to the clients through convincing worker engagement. The influence of this leadership style ate British airways is composed of subordinate force, leaders force, coordinators influence, and collaboration factors. There are rare chances of a worker to quit British airway jobs due to mishandling actions (TestmyPrep, 2020). This type of leadership engages in transformational strategies in which every leader is mandated to control and manage the issues of a particular channel of workers and issues related to HRM and IR (TestmyPrep, 2020).

HRM and IR Policy Actions

For equality in the working environment, British airways have actions towards the leadership style and the working environments. These include:

Rewarding employees

Workers at British airways are entitled to the best rewarding mechanisms. There are annual assessments of the best innovative and subordinating workers who are rewarded for their effort (TestmyPrep, 2020). The company involves various rewarding systems, including tax-friendly pensions, retrenchment and promotions, commission additive, and salary increment concerning professional engagement (TestmyPrep, 2020).

Diversifying employment

British airways ensure that every kind pf employee is involved in the company. This is for the necessity of ethnic incorporation where every race, language ethnicity, and gender is considered to the equity development for the Aviation TAL034-1 referral one works. Besides, there is a special handling of health issues and disabled workers (Zoe, 2020). Employees who are abled differently are given a chance of performance within the company to ensure the best international disabled considerations at work. Thos issue 0of promoting the disabled to working at Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 is a business strategy for customer resolution (Zoe, 2020). Every employee is divisively protected at work and is given necessary environments that do not tamper with religion, culture, and personal space. In this token, British Airways has partnered with international and regional authorities and the nong political concerns to bridge the international working ethics and rights to the employees at Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 (Zoe, 2020).

Shift Swapping

This is flexibility action by British airways to ensure that employees' facilities are provided in routine without suppressing any employee. The shift swapping is secured through the induction of adequate employees capable of working as per the transport system time demands. During training, students and newly enacted members are provided with flexibility strategies necessary for shift swapping. The management at Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 ensures that employees occupy shifts timely through adequate preparations (Zoe, 2020). For example, there are preparation rooms where workers get ready for work 30 minutes to due shift and restrooms for employees who have more than one shift to avoid the workers' inconvenient movement far from the working places (Zoe, 2020).

Part-Time Working Action

British airways facilitate workers who work few to several working to give the workers ample time to concentrate on their living like family issues, health considerations, and extracurricular activities. The company works with Professionals for the efficiency of subordinate working. Therefore, the professionals who are willing to work for the company but are limited by other engagement can comfortably work with scheduled time (Locus, 2020). The flexible working hours are factors that ensure security for every worker. In the case of female employees, their time preferences are considered in the assignment of schedules. This way, the company has the best Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1strategy for maintaining workers' security, starting with time security and salary security.

Employees Benefit Action

With the current pandemic of the covid, 19, more than 12,000 British airways employees has been released from working due to the international and customer measure towards trans[ort. However, the workers are still getting their payment, although for 50%. This is great facilitative care from the company to employees (Zoe, 2020). A report by the chief executive of British airways after the suspense pf these employees states that it is unfortunate that the workers have to seize working for the best of their health (BBC, 2020)." we need you in the future. Therefore, we have to let you stay safe from where you are; however, there will be sustenance funds in the period of out of work” (BBC, 2020). The statement is a great leadership strategy to kee the hipe midst of the employee, and also, the basic needs of these workers are showing a priority bu the company. In addition to the health considerations, at normalcy, the workers are entitled to insurance plans for safety at work, personal health, and risk management.


British Airways is headed in the best direction. A change could only be in the improvement of the good practices conducted towards the workers. As discussed in the report, the company's employer-employee interaction is conducive wit the great leadership styles applied. For the next coming years, the company will still be the best and better than its current state. British Airways has the best Aviation TAL034-1 referral 1 for other similar companies to learn from. The report has indeed covered the company's significant actions in the form of business and corporate strategizing. There are more actions expected from the human resource management at British airways.


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