Enterprise Content Management Implementation in Current Enterprises Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06

The integration of technology into the business industry has made trade simple some and complicated to other enterprises. The first, time heard about digital firms was when I was engaged in a class discussion on the topic "Management Information Systems." Something struck me that day since it came to my attention that digital firms were more complicated than I thought. My perception was on the idea that digital firms were only responsible for marketing the products and services of a designated firm. After searching the internet, I found out that digital firms were much more than marketing enterprises. My findings illustrated that digital firms were organizations that relied on the digital network as the primary instrument for establishing business relationships. Moreover, the digital networks assist in customer relationship management, supply chain management, information management system, business content management, and business resource planning among others. Therefore, the reflection paper analyzes the essentiality on practical experience of the content management system in current business operations.

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While discussing with the class on "Management System Information," the term enterprise content management cropped up, then one of the classmates mentioned a marketing concept involving website trafficking. Ideally, I had no idea how website traffics were of great importance towards the establishment and operations of the digital firm. Later each member gave examples, and one of my colleagues mentioned unwanted emails that are sent by anonymous senders. Then it dawned on me that the emails that keep appearing in my email account, and even if I delete them some will continue to show was a strategy of digital firm operations. The idea I learned was that the traffics are used to create awareness on the services and products of a company.

Moreover, the traffic electronic mail content had URLs linking to the leading websites of these companies where all their products and services are well illustrated. To add, I also got to understand that, web traffic is a concept that operates in a two-way approach; thus, the number of messages sent and received by the main company website. Also, external and internal digital firms can assist in establishing these traffics.

Ideally, my limited knowledge on the management information systems made look ignorant before my classmates; thus, the lack of expertise instilled me with the motivation to strive ahead and visit the internet as well and the library to conduct more research on the topic of enterprise content management. My first experience while I read, "Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm," was that digital firm is just but an umbrella of numerous technology-initiated programs and protocols that promotes acute business transactions. First, these firms need to invest much in technology, and not just any system but cloud-initiated platforms, big-data analysis, and the use of personal computers as well as mobile digital setups. Moreover, even with advanced technology systems, human intelligence was a necessity. That I was sure about since traditional means of conducting business relied on human knowledge and approach. I knew that firms needed marketers, suppliers, and distributors among other professionals to operate successfully. What I never understood is how virtual meetings were conducted; yes I know how to manage real-time Skype chats, but the level of technology used to adopt telepresence videoconferencing was unknown.

Enterprise Content Management is an essential component of the Management Information System, since its properties assist in providing dilemma solutions, and manage time and money. Such information is common knowledge, but what surprises is the principal obligation of the software in the current business, individually solving dilemma situations. I understand what ethics is and how it is used to resolve dilemma situations, but what I did not know is how the system properties were essential in solving such an issue. After, reading the Laudon and Ludon (2016), it was clear that the composition of the system itself covers decision-making strategies. For example, the book focused on the property of improved compliance. It is a feature that relies on the data gathered to support acute decision-making strategies in line with the success of the company's future. The EMC system collects data, stores and organizes data into a systematic approach that are easily accessible. The accessibility of the information covers the idea of deciding as per the facts since they are not misplaced and reduces the concept of determining using speculations or personal approach in dilemma situations. Evidence-based decisions are highly supported than those made through predictions.

Big data is one of the essential components required to establish an effective Enterprise Content Management. Moreover, it is common knowledge that most current firms rely on big data to make decisions involving organization operation as well as patterns used in identifying new market niches for their products and service. To some extent, big data is used to establish a form of communication with target markets and clients. Once, I was a graphical presentation that estimated the gross revenue of an online company "Amazon." The company used big data to determine the purchasing patterns of its clients to triangulate the future revenues. I did not understand the book's explanations on the importance of big data, but after doing some research, I came across Google Analytics, a program used to analyze big data and assist with mathematical estimations. When I went through the basics, it was easy to understand how the entire concept worked and how firms used such instruments to understand the purchasing patterns of their clients. Moreover, some firms use social media sites in marketing their products. This information is used by the ECM analysts to know the population, prices, and available market niches.


To conclude, after reading the book on Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, my perception towards digital firms, specifically the Enterprise Content Management have changed, since the time, skills, and resources placed in achieving acute organization performance is much. First, I came to realize that digital firms require a vast network of resources, for example, technology, organization, and resources. What surprised me is that I have been a victim of website trafficking, yet I did not realize it. Moreover, I got the opportunity to learn how traffics are designed and how electronic mails are selected randomly from data gathered from social media sites and other websites. Next, I came into terms with the fact that digital firm is a vast network that cannot be handled by one entity since it requires the human intelligence, technology processing, and organization policies and structures. Also, there was an opportunity to learn how big data was of great importance towards vital organization decision-making. Finally, there with big data programs such as Google Analytics have and is playing a vital part in ensuring companies can forecast on future revenue.

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