Empowering Employees to Achieve Company Goals - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-26


Developing employee goals, behavior, and actions to achieve outcomes is the most important step in the model of the effective performance management process of human resource management. The step ensures that the employees know what they are supposed to achieve while working for the company to ensure that the overall goal of the organization is achieved (Mone, London, & Mone, 2018). The behavior of the employees is aligned toward achieving the goal of the organization, and this makes the actions of the employees to stick towards achieving the expected outcome. The step helps an organization gain competitive advantage because the employees get motivated and inspired to achieve their career goals as well as organizational goals.

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Managers have all the rights to access information on the performance of employees to check the productivity of the employees (Armstrong & Taylor, 2020). The managers have the right to make a decision on whether the employees will continue working for the company or be terminated based on whether the employees are productive or not. The managers get information regarding employee performance from human resource departments that evaluate the performance of the employees (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2016). I would recommend managers to frequently check the performance of employees to ensure they take necessary measures that will ensure the employees are productive and take the necessary measures to improve the productivity of the employees. The performance of the employees determines whether the organization will achieve its goal or not.

Different organizations have varying employee payment structures, and there are varying factors that contribute to the differences in payment structure. Among the factors to consider in determining an organization's pay structure is the productivity of the company, which determines whether the company is able to pay its employees or not (Ismail, Ismail, Ibrahim, Leng, & Kiong, 2016). The pay structure is determined by the revenue the company earns. Organization's pay structure differ in different organizations because of the difference in revenue that the organizations are able to raise (Hogan, & Jonas, 2016). Having a difference is payment structure from payment structures of competitors might affect the organization where the experienced employees are likely to be poached by companies that are paying their employees well.

There are instances where pay structure is different between men and women and minorities. Work was done, and qualifications are among the aspects that one needs to consider when evaluating whether the company's pay structure if fair to women and minorities (Brown, Minsky, Voss, & Ozgen, 2017). Where both men and women have the same qualifications and do equal amounts of work, then the payment of both genders and minorities need to be equal. The evaluation needs to find out why different genders are paid differently, and even though the people have the same qualifications and do the same amount of work.

According to labor statistics records, the labor unions have recorded a decline in union membership. There are different factors that have influenced the registrations of people joining the labor movement (Flavin & Shufeldt, 2016). The objective of the labor unions is to advocate for the welfare of employees to employers. The decline in union membership can be attributed to the rise in private companies where the majority of employees have moved from public to private companies (Dinlersoz & Greenwood, 2016). Members in the private sector do not consider joining labor unions because they negotiate employment terms from their employers. People consider looking for greener pastures from other companies when they are not satisfied working for a certain company. People also consider fighting for their rights in courts as opposed to using labor unions to fight for the right of employees.

The United States has different human relations factors when compared to Russia. There are demographics that influence labor relations within a given country; hence importing labor factors from the US to Russia might have challenges (Murphy & Lilienfeld, 2019). Some aspects of a human resource might face challenges being accepted in Russia. The differences in power distance, individuality, masculinity, and long term orientation. The transfer of human resource management from the United States to Russia is likely to fail because of the difference in demographics. Managers need to be innovative in coming up with human resource management that will suit their organizations in Russia.

Extensive assessments of individual abilities will have challenges working in Russia because the characteristics of labor in Russia is different from that of the United States of America. Different regions have their own labor characteristics (Fletcher & Williams, 2016). Individually based appraisals can be used in measuring the effectiveness of employees based on their individual performance. Human resource managers need to know what is expected of the employees to determine whether the transfer of human resource transfer is effective (Crowson, Dagerath, Piedra, & Uttakalla, 2018). Suggestion systems can be used to facilitate communication between employees and managers to increase the working relationship between the stakeholders. The communication can help reduce conflict between employees and managers as well as giving employees the opportunity to suggest ways to improve the human resource. Self-managing teams are the best way to make employees accountable for their actions and work without being managed by the leaders.


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