Electronic Health Record Systems - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-04


The electronic health records are the real-time patient records that make healthcare information instantly available to the authorized user. Electronic health records usually create a new level of convenience and a user-friendly environment in most healthcare facilities. However, most healthcare facilities using the electronic health record tend to have backup plans in place in cases the electronic record fails to ensure continuous healthcare service delivery. (Jha et al., 2009). To prevent re-implementation of the electronic health records, fountain view hospice should have initiated other backup plans such as using an external hard drive instead of depending on the patient information in paper form. The hospice should have ensured that the patient files are recorded and updated in an external hard drive that should have been stored in a separate room or building such that in case of the disaster the hospice would still have a backup system to restore the program

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To avoid reimplementing the program, the hospice should have ensured that the vendor also had an electronic health application. This would have enabled the vendor to store the patient information both in paper form and electronically thus acting as a backup system for the hospice. The vendor's electronic health records would have assisted fountain view hospice in recovering lost data without having to re-implement the entire program.

What roles do the local chamber of commerce and the economic development authority play in LBMC's growth regarding the senior market?

The chamber of commerce is a form of business network formed by different leaders with the intention of protecting and promoting the existing business interests (Dawley, 2005). The local chamber of commerce is usually focused on local communities and business. In this case, the local commerce will play various important roles in LBMC's growth regarding the senior market. Some of these roles include enabling the Lewis-Beck Medical Center to understand the concerns of the business community. When the LBMC effectively understands the existing community concerns, it will offer or introduce services that are focused on meeting the business community needs. This will help to LBMC to attract more customers as a result of the quality services being offered. Secondly, it helps to ensure the credibility of the services offered. The local chamber will help to ensure that the services offered in the community or society by Lewis beck medical center are up to standard and meet the expected community needs. Thirdly, the local chamber will help Lewis medical facility to create networking opportunities which will help the hospital to market its services in various regions and also attract potential investors who may be willing to support or finance the hospital's projects.

On the other hand, the economic development authority which is an independent government organization focused on expanding the united states economy will play the role of creating a private, public partnership with Lewis beck medical center (Kline & Moretti, 2013). The public, private partnership will help Lewis medical center to access capital or funds to support their projects and operations thus helping to improve the quality of services offered. The economic development authority will also support the Lewis beck medical center entrepreneurial development program through initiating training programs that enabling the hospital to identify the most effective methods of expanding and improving its services


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