Effectiveness of Communication Strategies: Letters Example

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Dear All,

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I take this opportunity to appreciate your commitment reflected in the endless hours you spent working on new products in the last quarter. As we embrace market growth, the approval of Complexia expands our portfolio. We seek to better the previous quarter's achievements as we target more revenue in cancer treatment drugs.

Complexia, similar to Tamoxifen, treats hormonally-driven breast cancer. Clinical trials have shown a superior capability to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer during and post-treatment. Its proven efficacy in lowering recurrence rates makes it a perfect solution to breast patients. It will reduce the eleven percent recurrence within five years and twenty percent within ten years of treatment. Your efforts are a crucial pillar to translate its efficacy to enhanced well-being of patients, thereby boosting our revenue.

Market penetration of Complexia may prove challenging being an unknown product. Patients may develop reluctance from using Complexia citing uncertainty in the long-term effects. Instead, we should use the extensive relationship we have with oncology providers and treating physicians to sensitize patients on Complexia efficacy levels. From last quarter's experiences, we trust your valuable input and look forward to rewarding the best performances.

I appreciate your attention in this critical update.

Respectfully yours,


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External Stakeholders

Subject: Introducing Complexia into the Market

Dear All,

I take this opportunity appreciating your contributions to achieve our corporate goals to enhance the well-being of our customers. We announce the addition of Complexia into our expanded portfolio following its successful approval to treat hormonally-driven breast cancer. We retaliate your input to maintain high-performance standards and fulfill your expectations in our operations. Consistently with our norm, we consider the interests of external stakeholders crucial to accomplishing our organizational objectives.

The addition of Complexia underscores our commitment to align our products and operations beyond revenue generation. Complexia promises a potential to enhance the wellbeing of its users with lower recurrence rates for breast cancer. Clinical trials show the ability to reduce the recurrence of breast currently at eleven percent within five years and twenty percent in ten years of initial treatment. Complexia, like Tamoxifen, shows a breakthrough to overcome hormonally driven breast cancer thereby an advance to overcome cancer that has turned a menace in the global healthcare system.

Complexia remains a little-known product, leading to a slow uptake in the market, unlike Tamoxifen. Patients are reluctant to embrace Complexia, thereby uncertain of its long-term post-treatment effects. Additionally, the absence of clinical trials indicating its long-term success leaves it with a slow uptake. However, the involvement of treating physicians and oncologists creates a multi-stakeholder channel ready to address emerging shortcomings. Besides, we retain active research to improve efficacy levels of Complexia.

In the meantime, we seek your support and collaboration in attaining better treatment outcome and enhance the well-being of breast cancer survivors through Complexia.Respectfully yours,


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Blog Entry

The burden of cancer is increasing with millions of lives lost annually. The trend emerges delayed detection, inadequate medical health infrastructure and unawareness in the population. Still, people suffer needlessly when they experience insufficient palliative care. The lack of known interventions makes cancer a leading cause of death. The approval of Complexia will lessen the burden borne by breast cancer patients. Its introduction reveals our commitment and belief in enhancing the well-being of the society, already overwhelmed by higher rates of early deaths from breast cancer.

From the clinical trials, Complexia is capable of lowering recurrence rates over a limited amount of time. Initial clinical trials indicate potential to help lower recurrence rates currently at eleven percent within five years of receiving treatment. Its efficacy rates in lowering the recurrence rates will help overcome the burden borne by hormonally-driven breast cancer. Approval of Complexia affirms its ability to boost healthcare outcome to patients, especially with breast cancer proving a leading cause of death in developed and developing world.

Senders Name


June 9, 2017

Lee Harold

Shipping Inc.,


Quick Response Manufacturing and Shorter Lead Times

Dear Lee,

I take this opportunity acknowledging your devotion and active role in getting the new product to the market on time. I recognize the input of your team in enabling us to deliver Complexia in the market successfully since its approval. As we look forward to scaling other geographically-spread markets, we are counting on your total commitment from your team to deliver the product to the market.

We seek to inform you that lead time processes influence our delivery schedules amidst rigorous regulation and fierce competition from generic drugs. The fulfillment of our promise to breast cancer patients depends on shorter lead time. Longer lead time will hinder the attainment of our corporate objective to prioritize the well-being of breast cancer patients by availing Complexia when needed.

Implementing quick response manufacturing approach will align with our strategy to cut our lead times. Unfortunately, longer manufacturing lead times gives generic products loopholes to strangle our opportunities in the market. Besides, longer lead times could erode the competitiveness of Complexia given the intensifying competition from existing patented drugs such as Tamoxifen. Implementing quick response manufacturing will create a mutually beneficial trade-off by eliminating the high costs we both incur when expediting late orders. Lastly, shorter timelines will lower the cost incurred when rescheduling delivery and ensure on-time supply of Complexia without compromising patients' wellbeing.

We appreciate the contribution of your team as a fundamental basis of our success to confront the lead times challenge. We are convinced that implementing quick response manufacturing aligns with our commitment to timely delivery of Complexia in the market. If we pull together our efforts, we will succeed in this worthy cause of prioritizing the enhanced well-being of breast cancer patients.

Very Sincerely,




Resolving Customer Conflict

Dear Customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience you have suffered and the health status of your wife. We have noted the health outcome and tasked our clinical teams and treating physicians to review the body reaction to those taking Complexia. We perceive dissatisfaction is terrible news to our objective of prioritizing patients' wellbeing. We have taken active interest to conduct further clinical examination on the side effects suffered upon administration of the drug. We assume responsibility to assist all patients to regain their health, and treat experiences similar to your wife invaluable to realizing better products.

According to our research in collaboration with Alaba, the drug manufacturers, the preliminary results showed the outcome experienced by your wife is an isolated case. We regret that taking Complexia did not resolve the illness and her condition worsened. As our clinical research team alongside the approval agency jointly undertake the further review on the case, we clarify that Complexia addresses hormonally-driven breast cancer. We emphasize that careful clinical examination by qualified oncologists and treating physicians is vital to ensure adequate testing and correct prescription.

The outcome experienced by your wife is bound in the expiry of active elements in the drug. However, we rule out such given that the Complexia dose in circulation is the newly manufactured batch. Complexia, like Tamoxifen, cannot address non-hormonally driven breast cancer. As we evaluate the cause of the condition, we restate the preliminary findings affirming efficacy in Complexia dosage as proven in the clinical trials. We take the condition very seriously and critical towards improving the effectiveness of our products.

We understand the disappointment you have suffered, thereby extend an invitation to our organization. Kindly bring along your wife for the further examination conducted by our partner team of qualified oncologists and treating physicians. We reaffirm our commitment to issuing regular update on your wife's progress. We take your feedback seriously and welcome any additional input as we seek a worthy solution to your wife's condition.

Kindly do not hesitate to update us on her condition for any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Complexia.




Effectiveness of Communication Strategies

The company acknowledges that communication is key to the inclusive satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders' interests alongside wealth maximization objective. For this reason, positive communication strategy allows us to establish a consistent, open and timely contact to convey our aims, policies, resolve complaints and endorse our credibility as a responsible company. As such, sending corporate information via multiple channels including digital channels and traditional media gives a comprehensive communication platform. The use of positive communication strategies enables us to convey our beliefs and values in our operations. Positive communication strategies using technology yields speed and sustained contact with the recipients in a tightly knit network.

The company has relied upon negative communication strategies to maintain and comprehensive conveyance platform. However, the use translates to misinformation and misinterpretation that degenerates to incomplete information and workplace conflict. It has turned unreliable and source of endless disputes within the staff. Persistent negative communication has brought additional stress to the employees making it challenging to accomplish productive work environment. Again this has eroded staff confidence leading to inevitable delays.

Effectiveness of Different Communication Modalities

The engagement of stakeholders in the company's official sharing yields an inclusive identity when conveying information. Capturing the company performance in the relations website, annual reports, and regular briefings offer a compelling communication output. To external stakeholders, having a composite communication instrument comprising newsletters, brochures, and case studies provides a proactive communication program. The multiplicity of channels yields a reliable platform to engage different stakeholders. It offers timely communication of achievements and addressing concerns raised through social media and conventional channels. Besides internal memos, the use of weekly departmental briefings, WhatsApp groups, monthly meetings and suggestion boxes give an encompassing communication platform. Blending informal and formal channels creates an effective feedback mechanism that ensures active dialogue that enhances accountability towards in various modalities.

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