Effect of Social Media on Business in the UAE - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-21

Social media refers to the use of the internet as a link of communication with other people where they can share ideas and also create content for business. The social media has a significant effect on a business and acts a great marketing platform for all types of businesses (De Vries, Gensler, & Leeflang, 2012).

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Thesis statement: This essay mainly looks at the effects that social media has on the United Arab Emirates business. It will look at how the how the business can reach a large number of customers through the various social media sites at the same time. How it help reduce the costs incurred in a business that is carried out in the UAE, how the operation of a business is made easier by using the social media sites and how one can quickly locate a particular business in the UAE.

One of the effects of the social media on a business that is carried out in the UAE is that it makes the business easier. It makes a business to be able to get customer insights. Through the social media platform, relevant data can be collected which help the management to better decisions for the organization. The management can know the sentiments from the customers and improve on that area and what the clients and potential investors are saying about the companys brand and this hence makes the carrying out of the business easier.

There is also increased awareness of the companys brand. This makes it easier to carry out the business since the customers are in a position to easily connect and as well as know the location the business in the United Arab Emirates with the help of the Google maps. In turn, this helps the management to be in a position to retain their customers and as well as their brand loyalty. The social media also makes it easy to carry out a business because it helps in increasing traffic on the website of the company and also its search ranking. It enables the management of the enterprise to be in a position to directly direct the public and potential customers to the organization's website.

It becomes easier to run a business in the United Arab Emirates with the help of the social media because it helps the management of the firm to know and gather information about what they competitors are up to and also about any new product or service they bring to the market. It helps a business to make strategic decisions so as to be able always to be ahead of their competitors. The social media has also helped the running of a business to be easier because content and information regarding a particular product can quickly reach the customers and also investors through the use of the social media sites, all a business need to do is share that specific information on their social network accounts.

The social media helps a person to be able to find a company that is located in the UAE quickly. One need to go to the Google search and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and type the name of the business on their search bar button and all the business with that particular name will be listed. It helps a person to have a variety of choices to choose from this is possible with the support of the social media sites (Brookes, 2010).

Social media enables a business to be able to reach a lot of customers at the same time quickly. It is because all types of customers are on different social media sites both old and the young, the male and the females. To be able to make this efficient the management of the organization ensures that different messages are composed in a manner that will be attractive to different customers who are on various social media sites. Through the help of the social media advertisement such as Facebook or Instagram advertisement a particular product from a business that has paid for the ad reaches a large number of customers at the same time since the publication automatically reflects on the client's timeline or account.

Use of social media helps in reducing the costs that are incurred in the business. For example, when a business wants to make recruitment it can easily do that through that through the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by posting on their accounts that they have job vacancy and the procedure people can use to apply for it rather than paying for advertisement costs through the newspaper or the TV. It helps in elimination of guesswork in the production of a product hence leading to cost reduction since the management can gather feedback from their customers regarding a particular product through the social media. Social media also helps in reducing the expenses of business because it helps reduce the client service costs. It is because rather than making calls to individual customers they can solve customer queries which are common but from different customers through the social media using one response to serve all the customers (Taylor, Lewin, & Strutton, 2011).

In conclusion, the usage of social media in carrying out of business in the UAE is there to stay for the longest period possible. It plays a great role in the shaping of how the business is carried out. The companies in UAE are using the social media as a marketing and advertising platform so as to create more influence on their customers.


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