Drama in the Lakers Boardroom Case Study Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-26

1. It takes boldness to initiate change in an organization. However, changes in an organization come with challenges. In the article 'How did the Lakers get here?

The inside story of the Buss drama' is a family organization; Lakers, that faced leadership issues. In this article, it shall address various issues that embedded around the leadership of the organization.

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A) The types of powers that Jeannie Buss wields within the Lakers' organization.

Jeanie Buss has the powers to fire and hire the executive of the Lakers organization. He fired Mitch Kupchak the operations manager and the junior of operations manager Jim Buss (Shelburne 1).

B) The types of powers she lacks

Jeanie Buss cannot withdraw an individual from ownership of the company. Jim Buss still maintains his right to ownership despite the team despite Jeanie Buss sacking him (Shelburne

C) The powers necessary to lead the organization effectively

Jeannie needs the powers to make important decisions without facing unnecessary opposition (Shelburne 1)

2) The types of power that Jim Buss is demonstrating when he suggests two new board members.

Jim's ownership at Lakers is still valid and his goals to improve the organizational image (Shelburne 1).

3)The nature of communication in the Lakers administration before and after the firing of Kupchak and Jim Buss. The effectiveness of upward/downward communication and horizontal communication in the organization. Issues related to noise and message encoding/decoding

The nature o communication between Jeanie Kupchak and Jim Buss has not been very good. Jim Buss and her sister have been at loggerheads over in various boardroom meetings. After being fired from their positions Jim and Kupchak joined hands to criticize the management of Lakers, an impetus that forced Johnson to resign from his position.

When Jeannie appointed Johnson as the new basketball president, she assumed the downward communication model. Johnson would report Jeannie who is the decision maker of the company. The issue of communication noise emerged when an anonymous person alleged that the Rob Pelinka was leaving his job for a general manager position at Lakers. However, he was later appointed at Lakers to become an agent (Shelburne 1).

4) Discuss the types of conflicts displayed by the Lakers administration team members in this article.

There is an interpersonal conflict between Jeanie Buss and Jim Buss. Both always had disagreements in boardroom meetings. Additionally, intergroup conflict is rampant in the organization. Johnson has been receiving criticisms from the Jim Buss and the former coaches, and for this reason, he resigned from being the vice president of the organization.

5) Factors inhibiting the success of teamwork between the Buss's Siblings and Kupchak

Conflicts between Jim and Jeannie and the basketball team could reduce the chances of the team from achieving the goals. The team has been in wrangles with the public relations manager. Additionally, Jim and Kupchak paid less effort in negotiating with professional players and as a result of the team performance often deteriorated.

6) Is Jennie Buss a leader or a manager

Jeanie Buss is a leader. Unlike managers who believe in the status quo, Jeanie believes in change. He has been making changes in the leadership of the Lakers Organization. He appointed Johnson as the new president of the company in an effort to look for a change of the results in the team has had been performing poorly for last three years (Shelburne 1).

7) How Jeannie Demonstrates/ does not the 4is of transformational leadership

Jeannie Buss reveals the 4Is of transformational leadership in various ways. He demonstrated his inspiration leadership when he motivated Luke Walton, the coach for the Lakers for his commendable performance. Also, he was determined to win back the confidence of Lakers' fans by making a complete overhaul to the team management that would steer performance improvement as supporters of the team had wished. This demonstrates he possesses individualistic consideration traits. Additionally, he appointed Johnson and gave him the challenge to take the team back to its historical glorious moments. This depicts that has an intellectual stimulation element which is important in the transformational leadership element. His influence is expressed when Johnson comments who is happy to be part of the Lakers Management (Shelburne 1).

8) Most effective leader between Jeannie Buss or her Father, Dr. Jerry Buss

Unlike Jeannie Buss her father Jerry Buss was the most effective leader because during his leadership the team was very successful, it was always on top of the league. During Jeannie's leadership, the team has performed the worst forcing her to make changes in the management (Shelburne 1).

9) The approach between Jim Buss's slow and consideration negotiation approach and Magic Johnsons quick decision making.

Magic's approach is the most efficient compared to that of Jim. During Johnson's administration, he was able to negotiate with professional players that would join the team without hesitation. Jims' approach is time demanding and it is not possible to secure an opportunity for great players who are always in high demand (Shelburne 1).

10) The Lakers' administration operations between mechanistic or organic structure

The current Lakers administration is operating under the organic model. At the current dynamic environment, the Organic structure is the best option to ensure that the team maintains its competitive advantages when acquiring professional players and official leaders (Shelburne 1).

11) Do you think it was weird that Jerry Buss bonded with his son over "their love of numbers, opera, partying, and collecting rare stamps and coins?" Is that not a strange combination of interests? Defend your answer (5 points).

However strange their interests were, Jerry always pulled some lessons out of every moment. He believed that in every question everything was about endurance and that it was the responsibilities of an individual to learn his or her strengths, to be disciplined and never to back down on challenges. Probably that is what he wanted his son to learn. Additionally, it activities helped to strengthen their relationship (Shelburne 1).


Shelburne, Ramona. "The Inside Story Of The Lakers' Family Drama". ESPN.Com, 2017, http://kwese.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18840779/the-story-los-angeles-lakers-owner-jeanie-buss-tough-decision. Accessed 8 Nov 2018.

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