Diversity in the Land of Liberty Essay

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Date:  2022-03-11

The United States is renowned for its complex cultural identity due to its tremendous geographical size and diverse heritage in the world. Since the European discovery and colonization of America, millions of immigrants have traveled and settled in the US. The aftermath was a "melting pot" or the blend of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that have further led to the creation of subcultures within the nation (Eller 43). Diversity transcends beyond racial, ethnic and cultural differences. It is an essential component of building cohesiveness in the land of liberty. The purpose of the paper seeks to reiterate and inform the general public on how culturally diverse the United States is and how it has contributed to the prosperity of the nation. The cultural diversity that the United States has today, has contributed to the successfulness of the country.

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The US population is intertwined of people from all around the world who have brought various cultural contributions to the country. The demographic makeup of America provides new ideas and perspectives to achieve goals. The diverse nature of the US population promotes the diversity of ideas that stimulate creativity and innovation (VanAlstine et al. 4). Most importantly, a society that is diverse promotes a more innovative and creative labor force that increases competitiveness. Diversity studies indicate that diverse teams and organizations produce better results due to the presence of a variety of ways to tackle problems and produce a rich set of alternatives. Therefore, the interaction of various cultures promotes competition and the exchange of ideas emanating from the diverse worldviews facilitating the achievement of desired goals (VanAlstine et al.).

On the other hand, diversity is beneficial to the global economy. The growth of multinational companies with a diverse workforce has improved efficiency in the international market in terms of product and service competitiveness. International trade has improved the global economy because nations exchange ideas, services, and commodities to meet the diverse needs of the population leading to economic growth and development (Derven & Gundling 54). Similarly, the workplace today has people from all around the country such as abroad programs in which diversity plays a big role in facilitating the process for individuals in these positions. US companies are hiring diverse employees from various backgrounds to promote creativity and innovation. Furthermore, institutions in the US such as corporations, military, and public schools have designed mechanisms that recognize and explore the unique strengths of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

However, Trump's Administration has interfered with the advancement of minority groups in the U.S. Since the inauguration of President Trump, immigration policies have experienced a sea of change that has had an impact on the minorities. The change in immigration policies has increased the deportation and separation of immigrant families. Parents have been deported or placed in migrant detention centers without their kids while others have been pressured to forego asylum in exchange of reuniting with their children (Lalami). It has been argued that the Trump Administration destroyed records essential in immigrant family reunification. Another way that the Trump Administration has interfered is through public humiliation towards a group or groups of people. For instance, the president has attributed that the rising threat of terrorism is due to a rising population of Muslims and people of Arabic descent (Lalami). Besides, undocumented Latinos have been deported because they are branded as gang members. In general, Trump has branded groups of minorities as perpetrators of crimes and terror (Lalami). Dehumanizing acts create a barrier towards minority groups. Immigrants are an essential component of the US workforce. However, racial and ethnic stereotypes have promoted dehumanizing acts such as police profiling of minority groups. Such measures promote racial and ethnic discrimination that negatively affects the social and economic progression of the minorities.

It is of utmost importance that American citizens understand the value and contribution of cultural diversity. The different customs, traditions, and languages shape the U.S and expose Americans to different cultures. Diversity is a steering force that enables people to respect the unique individuality of each other. Therefore, instead of instigating racial and ethnic biases, Americans should focus on the positive outcomes of a diverse populace. Most importantly, America is shaped through the differences in each culture rather than the indifference. The US has prospered due to a diverse heritage making America the greatest liberal state in the world. However, the rising stigma towards assimilation has corroded the positive attributes of diversity (Eller). Nevertheless, supporting a diverse country allows it to successfully grow by giving each group the same opportunity to advance socially, economically, politically. The US citizens should adopt the notion of "Americanism" from an individual to a society level nurture cohesiveness and harmony in the country (Eller 77).


In conclusion, American diversity has immensely contributed to the success, the country experiences. The US has a complex diversity heritage that makes it the greatest nation in the free world. As such, Americans should promote positive diversity rhetoric that fosters harmony and greatness by exploring the unique strengths of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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