Diversity and Consciousness Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-06


It is through diversity we get to understand that each is unique, and recognizes our differences which can be along the dimensions of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and socio-economic status. Furthermore, it explores these differences in a safe, positive and environment that nurtures. Understanding each other enables us to move beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity that exists within every individual. (Bucher, 2010), diversity consciousness is an attitude of integrating and welcoming elements that are diverse and people. Diversity consciousness it creates a community feeling, sense of belonging that is essential to every person; for example, at the workplace making employees feel part of something enhances productivity and diligence. Therefore, this paper will explore on chapter 5 of diversity consciousness.

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Specific Elements that Resonate and have Value to Me

Communication Diversity Consciousness

Communication acts like a key to promoting awareness of diversity. Therefore, it is advisable to communicate in ways that respect and uplift diversity. Different cultures have and adhere to different styles and norms regarding communication. Communication styles among people are different due to our childhood experiences. Whenever meaning is attached to a message, communication takes place. Through developing our diversity consciousness, precisely, our communication skills, we become aware of messages that we receive and send. As a result, this empowers and enriches our lives. On the contrary, poor communication skills act as a hindrance to achieving our goals, eliminate, hurt and confuse others (Bucher, 2010).

Team Spirit Diversity Consciousness

Diversity consciousness enables team-works to establish a common ground that facilitates and enhances productivity, creativity, trust, communication, and collaboration. These variables affect a team both positively and negatively resulting in some of the teams becoming more vulnerable and resilient by coalescing efforts of the group, causing conflicts and interest incompatibility. Additionally, it opens our minds to opportunities, cultures, and people. In the workplace, diversity is essential for employees since it manifests itself in building for the company an excellent reputation leading to an increase in opportunities for workers and profitability (Bucher, 2010).

However, when diversity is ignored, it can cause process problems that will diminish the team's productivity, clog perceptive filters, stifle creativity creating inter and intragroup conflicts. Incorporation of diversity infuses and analyzes talents of each member's unique contribution, in return, facilitating task delegation, taking the risk, the establishment of group trust and common goal pursuit.

Self-Evaluation Diversity Consciousness

Self-assessment is meant to explore the individual competence of culture; its primary purpose is to enable one to consider awareness especially when interacting with other people with different cultures. It is important to note that cultural competence is a process and also learning takes place on a continuum over a lifetime. Culture is part of people's lives; it impacts on their views, values hopes, loyalties, worries, and fear. When working with other people, it is essential to building strong relationships with them because it helps instill some perspectives and provision of understanding of their cultures.

For example, in the workplace, diversity consciousness is essential for the employees because it manifests itself and helps build an excellent reputation for the company hence leading to profitability and opportunities for workers.

Topic Reflection on My Personal Academic Life

Diversity awareness helps me improve my academic outcomes and makes learning more interesting because it is connected to the real world. It enables me to reflect and learn about student differences, encourages me to recognize all students of diverse cultures as part of one family. It brings a sense of connection between disparate cultural heritages that exist in single school culture.

As a student, it is essential to focus on the strengths of our diversity by acknowledging the differences that exist and also treating other students with fairness and equality. Additionally, diversity consciousness enables me to facilitate the learning process. Reasons for acknowledging cultural differences especially amongst ourselves as students are; learning entails the transfer of information, from the knowledge that is prior and experiences.


Diversity consciousness shapes on how to interact with individuals of different cultural dimensions for real life and achieve success. Moreover, a person with diversity consciousness is equipped with diversity skills which help in obtaining an excellent profession. It is through diversity consciousness that an individual and people around become empowered. Also, it alters one's beliefs and perspectives on differences. Finally, it enables an individual to understand and be aware of differences. Every individual should learn to embrace diversity consciousness to help us in becoming successful in our personal, professional lives and at the same time increase our sensitivity on diversity.


Bucher, R. D., & Bucher, P. L. (2010). Diversity Consciousness: Opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities. Prentice Hall.Retrieved on 23rd March 2019 from https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cgs/MSA/Documents/MSA%20604%20CRN%2022365057%20Spring%20II%202019%20Hayes%20FINAL.pdf

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