Difference Between Motivating People Versus Controlling and Problem-Solving

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Date:  2022-08-30

Change is an inevitable function in leadership and organizational management. It is the role of the administration or leaders to ensure that their human resource generates high energized behavior to adapt to the changes in the organization. Managers are responsible for inputting appropriate strategies to ensure that workforce follows the movement path with positive attributes in reflecting motivation or inspiration, as well as logical control and problem-solving mechanisms to increase employee adaptability to changes and implementation of improved expectation (Antonucci, Ajrouch, & Birditt, 2013). This paper will differentiate between the organizational motivation of people versus controlling and problem-solving to show the level of employee embrace to change in the organization. The different ways management applies to enhance productivity and profitability either in motivating or controlling and problem-solving has a distinct contrast in the long-term and short-term results in an organization.

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Problem-solving and controlling process are management mechanisms for the people to complete designated tasks with described expectations on the efficiency of comparing the employee's behavior and the staffs' planning and budgeting of activities and functions. Through controlling and problem-solving techniques, the management has defined and elaborate descriptions of things that one person is expected to fulfill and complete at a given time (Northouse, 2007). Through their technique, the management can direct tasks in predefined logic to ensure that the expected outcome is achieved. On the other hand motivation and inspiration, people are energized without being pushed or -pulled in the appropriate direction to ensure the realization of organizational goals or objectives. Motivation helps satisfy undefined needs to create a sense of belonging, boost self-esteem, recognition, and self-control (Vallerand, Pelletier, Blais, et al. 2016). From the basic definition of motivation versus controlling and problem solving presents the difference in the logistics of the management to respond to the ever-changing social and economic marketplace by giving the employees the liberty to adapt to the changes in the motivation techniques while in controlling and problem solving technique people are directed on what is to be done.


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